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Donald and I have been married for 29 years and just celebrated turning 50 in December 2011.  In addition, I also earned my Bachelor’s degree in December 2011 after attending classes for many, many years, chipping away at it a little at a time.

As such, I had a birthday/graduation party to celebrate my accomplishments.  My husband gave tribute to these accomplishments and presented me with diamonds, furs, and pearls. 


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On a family trip to Chicago to celebrate mom’s sixtieth birthday, she fell in love with an American Girl doll. She had always wanted a fancy doll but her parents were never able to afford one for her when she was a girl.   It was silly she said, as all her girls were grown and there were no granddaughters to pay so much for a doll.  After all, she was all grown up.

After we were back at the hotel, Dad disappeared and went back to pick out the doll Mom had admired and hid it in the car before coming back to the room.

The next day we celebrated mom’s birthday and our whole family waited in anticipation to see Mom’s reaction when she saw her dolls.  We hovered close as Dad sat smugly watching in the background. Mom slowly unwrapped the package and exclaimed with pure pleasure when she saw the beautiful dolls wrapped so delicately in the box.

Pulling one doll from its box, Mom gave it a hug and then held her out at arm’s length for further inspection. Suddenly, she pulled the doll back close to her face very quickly and then looked up at my father with such a look of surprise we couldn’t figure out what was going on! “Let us see, Mom” we all begged.

She turned the doll slowly around, the whole time looking at my father with tears in her eyes, and there around the doll’s neck was a spectacular diamond necklace, the likes of which I don’t think Mom ever thought she would own.

Mom wears that beautiful necklace every day, and every night it rests on her favorite doll.

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Sharon and Keith had shared twenty-five years of marriage and in that time Sharon had never asked for much, but Keith always knew she really wanted a pearl necklace.

Quietly slipping out of bed on the morning of her birthday, he took the beautiful pearl necklace he had bought her and wrapped it around the neck of Skittles, the family cat.

Then he jumped back into bed and waited.

The alarm went off and that was the signal for Skittles to leap up onto the bed and remind his mistress by patting her gently on the cheek that it was time to get up.

Sharon woke slowly and with her eyes closed began to affectionately pet the cat. She stopped at Skittles’ neck, and with her eyes still closed felt the pearl necklace carefully. She opened her eyes slowly to see if she was really touching what she thought she was touching, and as she exclaimed with delight over his wonderful surprise, her husband exclaimed, “Happy birthday honey . . . I love you!”


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My husband Kelly & I have a German Shepherd who seems to believe that if he’s not barking, no one’s giving him the attention he deserves. Sometimes I can actually identify with that, but for the most part I find it very aggravating — and so do the neighbors!

Our new neighbor, Bob, had made repeated visits to our home asking us very nicely to please do something about Buddy’s barking. We tried everything we could think of short of putting a muzzle on him. Conversations with Bob gradually became less cordial over a period of just a few days and I was feeling terribly stressed about the situation.

On my birthday, a day when I should have been expecting a knock on the door from a delivery man bringing roses, I cringed when I heard the doorbell ring. Buddy had been barking frantically and I had banished him to the back yard so I could get a few minutes of peace.

I took my time going to the door, hoping that I’d either find a nice gift waiting, or if it was Bob he would give up and go back home. No such luck on either score.

There stood Bob with an angry scowl on his face. “Susan! I’ve really had enough of that dog. I don’t want to have a feud over this, but I sure would appreciate it if you would try this muzzle and see if it tones Buddy’s barking down a little bit.” At that, he held out a muzzle and I took it from.

“Okay Bob” I replied quietly as I turned and walked back into the house. I really hated to do that to Buddy, but if that was the only answer then so be it. I walked out the back door and knelt down beside Buddy to slip the muzzle over his nose.

As I looked down at the muzzle, however, I saw that there was something stuck inside it that would make it impossible to put on. Ic

I ran back through the house and out the front door to find both Bob & Kelly waiting with expectant grins on their faces. “You guys set me up!” I laughed.

Kelly reached out and pulled me close in a hug. “Honey, Bob isn’t even all that mad about Buddy. He’s just been putting on a show the past few day. I wanted these earrings to be a real surprise when I gave them to you, and I think I succeeded don’t you?”

“Did you ever. And I love you for it!” I replied as I hugged him back.


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Create a memorable, romantic moment to present a gift of jewelry and be crowned as the Most Romantic Couple of 2011.

We are looking for creative, meaningful moments that were made even more magical with a jewelry presentation. Stories can include engagement, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, new baby, or any special occasion marked with a gift of jewelry. A monthly finalist will be selected and featured on our website and receive a $100 gift certificate to Denney Jewelers.

Denney Jewelers will host a romantic Valentine’s Ball on Saturday, February 12, 2011 from 7-10 pm for our contest participants and valued guests. Each nominee will receive a special gift from Denney Jewelers and be recognized at the Ball. Dance Arts Studio will present a Tango lesson for all our guests and there will be tapas and treats throughout the evening. Please save the date for a perfectly romantic evening!

We will crown the “Most Romantic Couple” in Springfield 2011 at the Ball and they will reign over the romantic evening as well as winning a romantic gift package including a $500 gift certificate to Denney Jewelers a 24K real rose and other prizes. We will have a photography corner to capture the evening as well as other surprises for our monthly nominees.

Please submit a story of your romantic jewelry presentation along with a photo or video of the presentation, the recipient wearing the jewelry, a photo of the couple or another moment that represents your story.  Stories are selected by a panel of judges and may include input from posts on the website and facebook.  Share our site with your friends and best of luck to each of our couples!!

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