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Maria woke from a deep sleep with her daughter Jill shaking her and yelling, “Mommy! Mommy! There’s a box hanging from the ceiling. What is it?”

She stumbled out of bed saying, “What are you talking about?” as she followed her daughter downstairs to the living room.

Sure enough, suspended from the ceiling was a mysterious-looking box. It was about eighteen inches square and wrapped in shiny tin foil. It looked like something from outer space!

“Don’t . . . touch . . . the . . . box . . . !” They looked around at the sound of Dad’s booming voice as he repeated, “Don’t touch the box please.” By now Jill’s two sisters had also come down to the living room and Dad just looked at each of them, smiled, and said “Don’t touch the box.”

Maria walked over to him with a quizzical look on her face and whispered, “Fred, what’s going on? What’s this box?” He just looked her in the eye and said, “Under no circumstances is anyone to touch that box.”

One day passed, then another, then another until the box had been hanging from the ceiling in the living room for four days. Maria and the girls were going crazy wondering what was in it and, more importantly, who was it for? Deductive reasoning proved that no one’s birthday was coming, it certainly wasn’t Valentine’s Day or a wedding anniversary. Christmas was six months away. What could it be?

The excitement grew until finally, on the morning of the fifth day, Dad said, “I have an announcement to make . . . tonight someone in this room will open the box.”

That evening with everyone gathered in the living room, Dad reached over, took the box in his hand and carefully cut the four wires which were holding it in suspension. He handed it to Jill, asking her to unwrap the tin foil from the box. When she had completed that, he took the box from her and handed it to his next oldest daughter, Rachel, and asked her to remove the box which was taped around another package.

The suspense continuing to build, Rachel unveiled a cylindrical object that Dad took from her and handed to his oldest daughter, Becky, asking her to open it. Inside she revealed a small gift-wrapped package with a red velvet ribbon.

Fred picked up the box and handed it to Maria saying, “Happy Anniversary Sweetheart”.

“What are you talking about Fred?” she said, “This isn’t our anniversary. Our anniversary isn’t for three months!”

Fred walked over and put his arms around her, saying, “Actually dear, this IS our anniversary. Ten years ago today you walked into the little store where I was working. That’s when I first saw you and that’s when I first fell in love with you.”

Grinning from ear to ear in surprise and pleasure, Maria opened the box to find a beautiful pair of star sapphire earrings.


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Keith wasn’t much for the big days like Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries, but Peggy loved special occasions and always managed to drop hints and reminders a week or two before so that Keith wouldn’t forget.

At least Keith could always be counted on to make reservations at their favorite restaurant, and this year for their anniversary was no different. As they finished dressing for their evening out, Peggy handed Keith a box and said “Honey, I think I finally found you the perfect gift.”

Keith sheepishly unwrapped the box and opened it to reveal the neatest multi-function watch he had ever seen. Not only did it tell the time but it also gave the temperature, altitude, barometric pressure, had a directional compass, and had an alarm that could be set for everything imaginable.

Putting the watch on, Keith looked at Peggy and stammered, “Peg, honey, I um . . . “

“I know honey” she said, “it’s all right. I know you love me. Let’s go to dinner.”

After enjoying a superb meal, Keith ordered a bottle of champagne to celebrate their tenth anniversary. Just as they were being served the champagne, a wandering magician who had been working the tables throughout the restaurant appeared at their table and asked, “Would you like to see a great feat of magic?” to which they both answered “Yes”.

With that, the magician picked up the champagne bottle and holding it three feet above the glasses proceeded to fill each glass without a single drop hitting the table. Then he said, “before you drink, might I borrow that ring you have on your finger sir?” gesturing to Keith’s wedding band.

But when he tried to remove the ring, Keith found that it wouldn’t budge. With a disappointed look on his face the magician turned to Peggy and said, “Ma’am, might I have that ring on your finger?” pointing to her diamond wedding ring.

Somewhat reluctantly Peggy took the ring off and handed it to him. Withdrawing a silk scarf from his pocket, the magician placed it over the ring in his hand and asked her if she would grab two ends of the scarf and gently pull it away from the ring.

Grabbing the scarf, Peggy did as she was instructed and was amazed to see that her ring had completely disappeared. In its place was a small black box. The magician said, “Ma’am, let me ask you a question . . . would you rather have the ring that was on your finger or take a chance on whatever’s in this box?”

Peggy responded by saying, “Well, of course, I’d rather have my own ring back.” To which the magician replied, “Certainly. I believe that’s your ring in the bottom of your champagne glass.” She looked and was shocked to see that it was.

“But” the magician said, “as a token of my appreciation for your time, I’d like you to have this box, too” and handed it to her as he backed away from the table to disappear into the next room.

Opening the box Peggy found an emerald cut diamond surrounded by several smaller diamonds. Keith took both of her hands and said “Peg, ten years ago when I asked you to marry me I could only afford a very, very small diamond. I promised you that someday I would get you ‘your’ diamond . . . happy anniversary darling.”

She took the ring from the box, slid it on her finger, and with a brilliant smile thanked Keith for making this a magical anniversary memory that would last a lifetime.


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Frank’s mother had always treated him with a great deal of love and attention. She faithfully attended all of his school events, never missed one of his baseball games, fixed him three healthy meals a day, and always emptied his pockets before putting his laundry into the washing machine.

Janet, Frank’s wife of ten years, also loved to attend his “over-40” softball games and prepared sumptuous meals for him, but she put her foot down at emptying his pockets when doing the laundry — she had told him repeatedly that he was a grown man and could be responsible for that himself.

But after years of nagging she finally gave up. Now it was just another chore. Saturday afternoon was laundry day, and as usual she shook her head in exasperation as she lifted Frank’s trousers from the floor and felt the weight of the usual odds & ends he had the habit of collecting. But she was in a forgiving mood today. After all, it was their anniversary, and she knew he would take her out for a lovely celebration tonight.

“That man”, she muttered, as she reached into his pants pocket to remove who knew what. This time, however, the offending item was not so much offending as intriguing . . . a long, narrow package wrapped in gold foil and topped with a mass of golden ribbons . . . almost too pretty to open.

Attached to the package was a note that read, “Honey, there have been two wonderful women in my life; I’m thankful that you’re one of them. Thanks for taking such good care of me. I love you very much. Happy anniversary. Frank”.

Anne turned and beamed with pleasure at Frank who was leaning in the laundry room doorway waiting for her to open her package. Inside was the most exquisite gold necklace Anne had ever seen. As she walked over to give Frank a thank you kiss, she said, “Honey, I love you too, and I think I can even put up with emptying your pants pockets for another hundred years or so.”

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Create a memorable, romantic moment to present a gift of jewelry and be crowned as the Most Romantic Couple of 2011.

We are looking for creative, meaningful moments that were made even more magical with a jewelry presentation. Stories can include engagement, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, new baby, or any special occasion marked with a gift of jewelry. A monthly finalist will be selected and featured on our website and receive a $100 gift certificate to Denney Jewelers.

Denney Jewelers will host a romantic Valentine’s Ball on Saturday, February 12, 2011 from 7-10 pm for our contest participants and valued guests. Each nominee will receive a special gift from Denney Jewelers and be recognized at the Ball. Dance Arts Studio will present a Tango lesson for all our guests and there will be tapas and treats throughout the evening. Please save the date for a perfectly romantic evening!

We will crown the “Most Romantic Couple” in Springfield 2011 at the Ball and they will reign over the romantic evening as well as winning a romantic gift package including a $500 gift certificate to Denney Jewelers a 24K real rose and other prizes. We will have a photography corner to capture the evening as well as other surprises for our monthly nominees.

Please submit a story of your romantic jewelry presentation along with a photo or video of the presentation, the recipient wearing the jewelry, a photo of the couple or another moment that represents your story.  Stories are selected by a panel of judges and may include input from posts on the website and facebook.  Share our site with your friends and best of luck to each of our couples!!

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