319480_506038429410076_1190628031_nWe were talking about our Easter plans and we had decided to stay in Illinois. We spent the past year in Nebraska with his family, and would be traveling back more than once during the Summer.  I wanted to make this Easter really special since I knew that Jarrod would be missing his family.  Little did I know that he was busy planning this to be the most special Easter of all!

He suggested we plan our own little Easter egg hunt the Friday before Easter around the house here where we live.  It’s a tradition in his family and I just figured he wanted to have a little of back home here for the holiday.  I thought it was a really cute idea and we could get really creative.  I also thought what would make the night even more special would be for me to make the first meal I ever made him. No wonder he fell right in love with me right?! 😉

After dinner he was cleaning up and I got my eggs ready to hide.  Now here is something funny!  We BOTH kind of did the same thing!  I put his favorite Easter candy (skittles and starburst jelly beans) in the eggs with little messages to him in them.  I did 6 (of the many) reasons why I love Jarrod.  (Sorry they are pretty-mushy-gushy-lovey-dovey, so you don’t want to read that part.)  He found all my eggs pretty easily and I excused myself while he hid mine.  I’m sure his nerves were going NUTS at this point.

Sarah's Camera 563As I said he did the same thing as me.  But it took me longer to find the eggs that he hid.  I am the worst person to find something hidden.  My Mother can attest to that.  I don’t look for things well.  When I did find them he told me the order in which I had to open them and they had the most amazing messages to me.  I will hold those words in my heart forever.  He is wonderful.  I’m getting emotional right now just thinking about them.  When it came time to open up the last one, he held it in his hand and said some very sweet things to me and before I knew it he was down on one knee!  He said, “Sarah, will you marry me?”  I was so happy and overflowing and I of course said, “YES”.  We will be married May 25, 2012 and I cannot wait to be Mrs. Jarrod Rempel.


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Last updated February 5, 2017