Our love story started almost two years ago now when we met at Starbucks. I was hiring for my district and Dean was referred by a co-worker. After a few phone conversations regarding the career opportunity, Dean decided to fill out an application. He met me at Starbucks with application in hand and lots of questions regarding the career opportunity. I proceeded with all of the hiring procedures (credit check, motor vehicle check and career testing) and set him up for the formal panel interview process. A few days before the interviews, Dean called and decided that he did not want to pursue the opportunity with my company.

A couple of weeks later he completely surprised me by calling back and asking me out on a date! I thought he was calling back about the job. I said, “Wait your not calling back for the job?” He said, “No, I am not calling for the job, I am calling for you!”  We met a few days later for dinner and have been together ever since.

Although there have been sweet surprises and thoughtful gestures in between let’s fast forward a year and 8 months to the night of June 8th, 2012. I was home and Dean came over with steak kabobs, shrimp, salad and twice baked potatoes and told me he was going to cook me dinner. This was not unusual since he is an EXCELLENT cook! We ate, drank wine and shared our day with each other.  After dinner, he told me that he had another birthday present for me and handled me a box wrapped in gold paper while I was sitting at the table. What could this be I thought my birthday was two weeks ago???

I opened it up and to my AMAZEMENT there was my May angel!!! You may be wondering what a May angel is??? She is a porcelain angel that I received from my grandparents 25 years ago and six months ago, I accidentally broke her. I couldn’t stop saying, “My May angel, my May angel, I can’t believe you found her!!!”  Even more special then the angel in the green and white dress was what she was holding and presenting for me!!! My May angel was holding a beautiful hand-picked Denney Jewelers diamond ring in her arms !!!!

I said, “My gosh what is my May angel holding?”  Dean stood up and said, “She is holding your engagement ring because I want to see if you will marry me and spend the rest of your life with me?” I said, “YES I will marry you!”

I love that every morning when I wake up I get to walk into my kitchen and see the very spot where I received a piece of my past holding a piece of my future!!! All of this from the man that I love so much!!! Thank you Denney Jewelers for helping Dean pick out a beautiful ring and helping our story to continue on!

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Last updated February 5, 2017