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Mackenzie and I first met ten years ago just before our freshman year in high school.  We quickly became friends and remained that way for a while.  Before long I knew I wanted more but she didn’t.  It took me a year of chasing before she agreed to go on a date with me and that was all it took.  We started dating our junior year and dated through high school.  We eventually graduated and went to different universities; it was hard but we realized that it was true love and stuck it out through the distance which made us stronger. 

After college we discovered true happiness when we moved in together and have spent almost two years in Champaign.  In February I decided that after 7 1/2 years it was time to get engaged.  I went into Denney Jewelers and showed them a picture of what I was looking for.  When the ring came in I had it all planned out. 

Mackenzie’s favorite flowers are roses and I’ve always loved how the different colors have different meanings.  I had made 6 cards and had corresponding colored roses representing the six stages in our relationship: yellow for friendship, blue for chasing the unattainable, white for new beginnings, red for true love, pink for true happiness, and deep red for the future commitment. 


I asked Mackenzie to meet me in a park that we often go to so that we could run.  She walked up in her work out clothes and was very confused to find me in the  flower garden dressed in black slacks and a red button up shirt holding roses and cards!  One by one I handed her the cards and the roses explaining how much she has meant to me in every stage of our relationship.  The last explained to her how much I love her and how I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her; it ended with two simple words: marry me.  As she read it I got down on one knee, showed her the ring and asked her to marry me.  

With tears in her eyes she said yes!



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