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I was a freshman in college and was studying American Sign Language. I received an email on my space from a guy, with a very deep southern accent. I was born in New York and raised near Chicago and the last thing I ever thought would happen, would be me falling in love with a boy from the country. 

That was a little over four years ago. I was finishing up my bachelor’s degree in ASL Interpretation in Frederick, Maryland. I was away from my boyfriend for six months. I returned in the month of May 2011 to graduate from college. That week was full of events and exciting moments for my classmates and I. The day of graduation was amazing and everything seemed so perfect. Little did I know that day would change the rest of my life.

As I waited patiently in the library, across from the chapel, we lined up and began to walk across the lawn. I was so surprised to see my family and his all there to watch me graduate.  As we lined up in front of the chapel steps I was approached by my ASL teacher. She brought me to the top of the steps and signed “Today is the most important day of your life right? I want to bring up Danny.”

At that moment, my eyes teared up and I saw my boyfriend holding two dozen red/yellow roses. He grabbed hold of my hand and began to tactile sign ( the method used by deaf-blind individuals by signing into their hand)

He signed “Will you…I love you..marry me?” That is when I opened my eyes to see him on his knee with a beautifully cut heart shaped engagement ring. That was the day I knew Danny and I would spend the rest of our lives together.

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Congratulations Casey and Jeremy!

Each month we get such beautiful stories and we wish all the couples the very best.  We enjoy each of your stories so much and it is amazing how many different and special ways there are to show someone how much they mean to you.

Thank you to all of our nominees for Sharing the Love….and your story.  We wish you all the best .

Be sure to submit your romantic jewelry presentation story and Share the Love!  We are looking for all kinds of special moments when jewelry was given to the one you love.  We look forward to another year filled with LOVE!

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Has asked me to marry him in July 2011 (Lacey and Josh – Part 1) and on January 21, 2012 after he stole my heart, I stole his last name!!

The Friday before we were to marry, Josh took me into a nearby town and said he had a surprise for me… He had set up a couples massage for that afternoon and it was so amazing, just what we needed! That night, all our family and friends arrived at the resort and we had dinner, drinks and laughs before we all headed off for the night to catch some Zzzz’s before that mornings event!

We were married at the top of the slope, outside at a Ski Resort in Wisconsin and it was beautiful, unique and just perfect! I even went down the slope on my snowboard in my huge dress and Josh on his skiis and in his tux and we made it without any problem!  Saturday night after a long day of pictures and finally getting to snowboard and ski for the rest of the day, we went snowtubing after dinner. Everyone had a blast.

When we returned to our room, Josh had a gift for me. Of course, I thought, “what could he have possibly bought for me? I already have the most perfect ring and husband, I don’t need anything else.”

I opened the box and inside was a beautiful white gold box chain with an engraved square pendant. The engraving he had Denney Jewelers put on it were my NEW initials!! “L.A.S”

I was so excited and couldn’t believe it!!! I had lost my most favorite necklace which was similar to my new one and said I would love to have my initials engraved on it some day. Josh being so thoughtful and amazing had Denney Jewelers make it happen! I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful best friend, my husband!

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We left Illinois for a week to spend Christmas with my parents in Colorado. While out there, we planned on simply relaxing and going skiing for a couple days. Little did my now fiancé, Allie, know that I planned on asking her to marry me on the slopes.

A couple days after we got to Colorado, we drove up to my cousin’s condo to get ready for the best day of my life. I informed my cousins of my plan so that we could have pictures to help remember the day. We all went together over to Keystone and rode the lift up to Schoolmarm. Halfway down the run, we decided to cut over to a different run in order to take another lift to go higher up. After we cut over I signaled to my cousins that it was about time and to get the cameras ready. I skied past everyone and stopped in a somewhat secluded spot on Silver Spoon. I was hoping for Allie to ski over to me and see why I stopped, but she just ignored me and kept going. With my cousins laughing at me, I skied past everyone again and found another secluded spot on the run.

This time was a success. Allie skied over to me and asked me what was going on; just what I hoped. I told her that my knee was bothering me and began to take off my skis. When I started to kneel, she assumed that I was falling towards her and backed up out of reach. Laughing, I leaned forward, grabbed her skis and pulled her back to me and told her “Stay.” She had a very confused look on her face which made me laugh even more. I started to tell her that I love her and unzipped my ski jacket. I told her that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and began to reach into my inner pocket for the box with the ring in it.

Much to my surprise, the box was the exact same size as my pocket and I struggled to get my fingers around it. This made me worry a bit that I was going to ruin my little speech and I began to babble. It seemed like an eternity before I got the ring out, all the while I was still babbling. Her reaction of “Oh my gosh! Are you serious?! Is this really happening? I think I’m going to cry!” was priceless.

I finally managed to ask her to marry me and she said yes! As I was putting the ring on her finger, she started crying. I have never seen the love of my life so happy, and I’m glad we have pictures to relive the moment.

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