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Willie and I started writing our love story 9 years ago.  We were young, a little bit wild, and we were crazy about each other. Some could say that we were the definition of a summer romance.  Being that we were both young and Willie was leaving for the Navy in a few short months nothing became of our romance; except for one amazing friendship.

We always kept in touch even while he was overseas and made a habit of getting together each time he was home on leave.  Once we were finally in a position to start dating, everything just clicked.  From there we picked up where we left off and continued to write our love story.  It was that easy.   We are two best friends that fell in love.

Earlier this January Willie and I went on a vacation to Mexico.  Neither of us had been before so we were very excited.  Little did I know this was going to be a trip that I would never forget.  We arrived at our resort and it was beautiful.  Like most people coming from cold weather we headed straight to the beach.  I love the ocean and everything about it so that is exactly where I headed.  After finding lounge chairs closer to the water I decided I wanted to move our things there.  My sister-in-law suggested I go help Willie move everything, which I found odd because all we needed to move was my purse and flip flops, but I went anyway.


When I reached the spot where Willie was waiting for me the scenery was flawless.  The bright blue ocean was at his back, the white sand at his feet, and the beautiful blue sky didn’t have a cloud in sight.  Standing in front of me  was my handsome fiancé trying to hold back his smiles.  As I looked down I saw the sand beneath my feet had a message that read “Lakin Will You Marry Me?”

At first I didn’t believe him.  I just kept laughing and saying “Are you serious?!”  This time it was the real deal.  My prince charming was down on one knee handing me the most beautiful engagement ring I had ever seen.


All engagement rings are very special, but mine is more than that.   My ring is made up of several diamonds that are from Willie’s late grandmother’s wedding ring.  The famous designer Peter Storm created this ring himself after speaking directly with Willie at a Design Show at Denney Jewelers in September.  All these things together make my ring all the more special.  Willie and I are very excited about our engagement and we are very thankful to Denney Jewelers for helping us to write this VERY special chapter in our love story.

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Donald and I have been married for 29 years and just celebrated turning 50 in December 2011.  In addition, I also earned my Bachelor’s degree in December 2011 after attending classes for many, many years, chipping away at it a little at a time.

As such, I had a birthday/graduation party to celebrate my accomplishments.  My husband gave tribute to these accomplishments and presented me with diamonds, furs, and pearls. 


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