We had planned to get away for a weekend for months.  It’s so hard to find time, but we were determined to make it happen.

We stumbled upon a beautiful bed and breakfast down by Alton.  It was amazing!  We were greeted with champagne and unrivaled kindness.  The antique furniture and atmosphere was so romantic.  We checked in and took a scenic drive by the river down to Grafton.  Then we found a quiet table at a local winery.  It was nice to soak up some sun and just enjoy the beautiful day.

Next , we walked up the trail to McAdams Peak by Pere Marquette.  We reached the peak and got lost in the gorgeous horizon overlooking the fall landscape.  It was so peaceful and we couldn’t have asked for a more picturesque day.  The peak has wood pillars which many have used over the years to carve their initials as a declaration of love.  He began carving his initials and then stopped after only marking my first initial.  I, of course, asked him why he left off my last initial.

He then got down on one knee and asked “Rachael, will you let me spend the rest of my life making you happy?”   I was completely shocked and overwhelmed with joy!  I didn’t take him seriously until I saw the ring!  It was the most stunning I’ve ever seen!  We held each other tight for a while, not wanting to move past the moment.  Neither of us could stop smiling as we walked hand-in-hand down the trail.  We made our way back to Alton for a fancy dinner at Gentelin’s and a romantic evening at the bed and breakfast.

We are so very happy and I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend!  It was truly a dream come true!

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Last updated February 5, 2017