One of our favorite places to visit is New York City. My husband David and I wander for hours, holding hands, window shopping and stopping for coffee at pretty little sidewalk cafes. It’s especially romantic in the early evenings in Central Park when the horse and carriages line the avenue.

We’ve been married a long, long time and I know I’m a lucky woman to have a husband who still holds my hand everywhere we go and truly enjoys our time together no matter what we’re doing.

But, every time we are in Central Park, I ask David if we can go for a ride in one of the carriages that tours the streets, and that’s been the one wish he hasn’t granted me. I really can’t blame him because he’s more than likely anticipating a sneezing attack from being in such close proximity to a horse, but I ask anyway just in case he changes his mind.

A horse-drawn carriage passed by and I smile sweetly up at him, “David dear, could we just do a short carriage ride this year. It would be so romantic.” Imagine my surprise when this time he simply said, “Sure honey. Next one that goes by we’ll flag him down.”

We strolled down the sidewalk slowly and, sure enough, when the next carriage passed David flagged him down. I was more than a little surprised but I didn’t say anything.

We climbed up into the carriage and David asked the driver if he could do a modified trip that would last just a short time — and I laughed when David let out a great big sneeze as he finished his request to the driver! “Honey, we don’t have to do this if you’re going to be miserable” I told him.

“No, we’re on our way and I’ll be just fine!” he replied, with another big sneeze.

I sat curled in the comfort of David’s arm as we rode through the beautiful paths of the park. I was content just to be close and warm with my husband. David bent down and kissed my forehead, and when I looked up at him I saw that he was holding his hand toward me with something draped across it. It was dark in the carriage so I bent close to look. In his hand was a stunning diamond pendant.

“Honey, I want to give you this necklace as a reminder of how much I love being with you, no matter where we are or what we’re doing. I decided to give it to you on this carriage ride because I really want you to know that I’ll go anywhere with you or for you.” And he ended with a great big sneeze!

I wear the necklace all of the time and because of the love he shared when he gave it to me it has a more special meaning to me than any other gift he has ever given me.


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Last updated February 5, 2017