Sharon and Keith had shared twenty-five years of marriage and in that time Sharon had never asked for much, but Keith always knew she really wanted a pearl necklace.

Quietly slipping out of bed on the morning of her birthday, he took the beautiful pearl necklace he had bought her and wrapped it around the neck of Skittles, the family cat.

Then he jumped back into bed and waited.

The alarm went off and that was the signal for Skittles to leap up onto the bed and remind his mistress by patting her gently on the cheek that it was time to get up.

Sharon woke slowly and with her eyes closed began to affectionately pet the cat. She stopped at Skittles’ neck, and with her eyes still closed felt the pearl necklace carefully. She opened her eyes slowly to see if she was really touching what she thought she was touching, and as she exclaimed with delight over his wonderful surprise, her husband exclaimed, “Happy birthday honey . . . I love you!”


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Last updated February 5, 2017