During the month of February we men start to get nervous. There are expectations out there that we’re just not sure we’re equipped to handle. The Valentine’s Day thing is a bit scary!

My wife Sara starts dropping little hints in late January that she really enjoyed last year when I bought her the dozen roses or the special dinner out that we did the year before. I start thinking, “How do I top myself year after year?” But never fear, the romantic side of me usually wins out and this year was no exception.

On February 14th I gave her a quick peck on the cheek as I left for work, letting her think I hadn’t remembered that it was Valentine’s Day, then I high-tailed it out to the garage knowing she would be leaving shortly behind me.

I drove down the street and parked my car around the corner then creeped back to watch the show. I waved to my neighbor Tom as I crept around the side of his house and he just shook his head.

I waited right outside the garage to hear the door from the house into the garage close, then I peeked cautiously around the corner.

Sara was preoccupied and looked at her watch as she opened the door to her little car. Whoosh! Out came the helium balloons I had so carefully crammed in there after she went to sleep last night.

She jumped back, startled, then looked around to see if I was hiding anywhere nearby. “I know you’re out there somewhere Tim! What are you up to?”

As I came out from my hiding place I pointed to the front seat of the car where one last balloon rested. “I wonder why that one didn’t fly out”, I said. “Better check it out.”

Sara reached in and pulled the balloon out of the car, shaking it to hear the rattle inside. I handed her the pin I had put on the shelf by the car and suggested she pop the balloon to get her real Valentine’s Day surprise.

POP! went the balloon and out dropped a ¬†jewelry box that I caught in mid air and presented to Sara with a bow. “Honey, you are my sweetheart, forever and ever. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

The star sapphire earrings inside glistened like the tears in her eyes as she hugged me and said, “I love you Tim; you never disappoint me on Valentine’s Day.”


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Last updated February 5, 2017