The love story of Heather and Greg started on December 10, 1985. That was our first date. I was 15, and he was 18. We dated for 2 years and on an evening out with friends, after dining and dancing and meeting up with more friends, Greg stopped in the middle of the sidewalk as all our friends gathered round, and he pulled a ring box out of his pocket, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him.

The ring was one I looked at several months prior in Denney’s jewelery store. I loved the ring and thought it would make a nice, and somewhat unconventional engagement ring. It was a small oval sapphire surrounded by diamonds. I never thought I was going to get it, but there it was, quite unexpectedly!

After a little less than a year of being engaged, we found ourselves seeing things differently than one another. We had some arguments and I decided to break off the engagement. Greg was so hurt that he moved to California shortly after the break-up. That made me so angry and upset that I moved to Florida. Living on opposite ends of the country seemed to be our fate. However, every time one of us came back to our hometown in central Illinois, we would run into each other, some times on purpose! O.K., sometimes I would search him out and see if I could be where he was.

There was still a lot of hurt feelings that ran deep and we couldn’t quite seem to get in a position to tell the other that we wanted a second chance. Years passed and the pattern repeated itself until Greg found someone to date and so did I. He moved back to Illinois and I stayed in Florida. Since our new significant others didn’t really approve of our “friendship” for fear it would turn back into romance, we kept our distance. Neither of us knew that we had gotten married the SAME year until we ran into each other again a few years later. We tried to pretend that we were just old high school sweethearts. We talked about trivial things and then went our separate ways, but all the while our hearts were full of longing and regret.

More years passed and we were both in the middle of divorces, when we came across each other one more time. We talked for 6 hours the first time and since it had been 7 years since we had last talked we caught up.  We saw the irony of having married other people the same year, divorcing in the same year, and all the while wishing we had never been apart. That is when we decided to start where we had left off 22 years ago.

We have now been dating for 6 months and it’s as if we never were apart. After New Years, Greg presented me with the same ring he had given me 23 years ago, and said he wanted to marry me. He also promised to buy me a new ring from Denney’s, and that the original was just to remind me that he never forgot, and he never stopped wanting me to be his wife. I love the old ring, but I am looking forward to the new one that will represent our time together from this day on.

Our love has been side tracked but never lost just like the ring I now wear everyday. I could never love anyone more. True love never dies, regardless of time or distance.

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Last updated February 5, 2017