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Sharon and Keith had shared twenty-five years of marriage and in that time Sharon had never asked for much, but Keith always knew she really wanted a pearl necklace.

Quietly slipping out of bed on the morning of her birthday, he took the beautiful pearl necklace he had bought her and wrapped it around the neck of Skittles, the family cat.

Then he jumped back into bed and waited.

The alarm went off and that was the signal for Skittles to leap up onto the bed and remind his mistress by patting her gently on the cheek that it was time to get up.

Sharon woke slowly and with her eyes closed began to affectionately pet the cat. She stopped at Skittles’ neck, and with her eyes still closed felt the pearl necklace carefully. She opened her eyes slowly to see if she was really touching what she thought she was touching, and as she exclaimed with delight over his wonderful surprise, her husband exclaimed, “Happy birthday honey . . . I love you!”


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During the month of February we men start to get nervous. There are expectations out there that we’re just not sure we’re equipped to handle. The Valentine’s Day thing is a bit scary!

My wife Sara starts dropping little hints in late January that she really enjoyed last year when I bought her the dozen roses or the special dinner out that we did the year before. I start thinking, “How do I top myself year after year?” But never fear, the romantic side of me usually wins out and this year was no exception.

On February 14th I gave her a quick peck on the cheek as I left for work, letting her think I hadn’t remembered that it was Valentine’s Day, then I high-tailed it out to the garage knowing she would be leaving shortly behind me.

I drove down the street and parked my car around the corner then creeped back to watch the show. I waved to my neighbor Tom as I crept around the side of his house and he just shook his head.

I waited right outside the garage to hear the door from the house into the garage close, then I peeked cautiously around the corner.

Sara was preoccupied and looked at her watch as she opened the door to her little car. Whoosh! Out came the helium balloons I had so carefully crammed in there after she went to sleep last night.

She jumped back, startled, then looked around to see if I was hiding anywhere nearby. “I know you’re out there somewhere Tim! What are you up to?”

As I came out from my hiding place I pointed to the front seat of the car where one last balloon rested. “I wonder why that one didn’t fly out”, I said. “Better check it out.”

Sara reached in and pulled the balloon out of the car, shaking it to hear the rattle inside. I handed her the pin I had put on the shelf by the car and suggested she pop the balloon to get her real Valentine’s Day surprise.

POP! went the balloon and out dropped a  jewelry box that I caught in mid air and presented to Sara with a bow. “Honey, you are my sweetheart, forever and ever. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

The star sapphire earrings inside glistened like the tears in her eyes as she hugged me and said, “I love you Tim; you never disappoint me on Valentine’s Day.”


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My fiancé John Yarko and I met when I was sixteen and he was eighteen. We had been dating for three months when he went off to basic training for the United State Navy.

We stayed together the entire time supporting each other from more than seven hundred to thousands of miles away, at anytime. He was honorably discharged and moved home when I was a freshman in college.

Then two years later in March of 2010 on our five year anniversary he proposed to me. Now we are planning the wedding of our dreams for this coming July 2011.

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The love story of Heather and Greg started on December 10, 1985. That was our first date. I was 15, and he was 18. We dated for 2 years and on an evening out with friends, after dining and dancing and meeting up with more friends, Greg stopped in the middle of the sidewalk as all our friends gathered round, and he pulled a ring box out of his pocket, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him.

The ring was one I looked at several months prior in Denney’s jewelery store. I loved the ring and thought it would make a nice, and somewhat unconventional engagement ring. It was a small oval sapphire surrounded by diamonds. I never thought I was going to get it, but there it was, quite unexpectedly!

After a little less than a year of being engaged, we found ourselves seeing things differently than one another. We had some arguments and I decided to break off the engagement. Greg was so hurt that he moved to California shortly after the break-up. That made me so angry and upset that I moved to Florida. Living on opposite ends of the country seemed to be our fate. However, every time one of us came back to our hometown in central Illinois, we would run into each other, some times on purpose! O.K., sometimes I would search him out and see if I could be where he was.

There was still a lot of hurt feelings that ran deep and we couldn’t quite seem to get in a position to tell the other that we wanted a second chance. Years passed and the pattern repeated itself until Greg found someone to date and so did I. He moved back to Illinois and I stayed in Florida. Since our new significant others didn’t really approve of our “friendship” for fear it would turn back into romance, we kept our distance. Neither of us knew that we had gotten married the SAME year until we ran into each other again a few years later. We tried to pretend that we were just old high school sweethearts. We talked about trivial things and then went our separate ways, but all the while our hearts were full of longing and regret.

More years passed and we were both in the middle of divorces, when we came across each other one more time. We talked for 6 hours the first time and since it had been 7 years since we had last talked we caught up.  We saw the irony of having married other people the same year, divorcing in the same year, and all the while wishing we had never been apart. That is when we decided to start where we had left off 22 years ago.

We have now been dating for 6 months and it’s as if we never were apart. After New Years, Greg presented me with the same ring he had given me 23 years ago, and said he wanted to marry me. He also promised to buy me a new ring from Denney’s, and that the original was just to remind me that he never forgot, and he never stopped wanting me to be his wife. I love the old ring, but I am looking forward to the new one that will represent our time together from this day on.

Our love has been side tracked but never lost just like the ring I now wear everyday. I could never love anyone more. True love never dies, regardless of time or distance.

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I was spending the summer of 2009 in Germany completing an intership, which was a little rough on Jacob’s and my 3 year long relationship.  I decided to come home for the month of September instead of staying in Germany (Jacob was pushing my coming home a little too).

The first weekend I was home was Labor Day weekend, so my sister made plans to come home from college to visit me before I headed back to German. The whole family was around and knowing my family, they’d at least plan a big dinner together.

Saturday morning, the 5th of September, my best friend, Kim, and her fiancee, Greg, arrive at my house and say they’re kidnapping me to help with some wedding planning. I’m all excited that I get to help them, and we head out to Greg’s car. Kim turns around and hands me a note that says, “Anne, Welcome Home! As part of your welcome home celebration, your first stop is a visit to your nieces.”

Well, I just figured it was my family’s way of planning surprises, so I gave Greg directions to my older sister, Rachel’s, house. We pull in the drive, knock on her door, and she lets us in and tells us we’re playing a game of hot and cold for the next clue. I start walking around the house, while Rachel says whether I’m getting hotter or colder, and the path leads us to the backyard and to the grapevines. I dig through the branches and find the next clue that says, “The next stop on our trip is to a place we’ve often been with 18 holes.”

Kim, Greg, Rachel and I all climb into the car, and we drive over to the mini golf course. We walk into the clubhouse, and my parents and sister, Jill, and brother-in-law, Nate, are all there to surprise us. We play a great game of mini golf, and at the end, everyone hands me their clubs and golf balls to take in, which is a little tricky when there are 8 clubs and golf balls, so Kim and Greg help. When we walk back to Greg’s car, there’s a new note under the windshield wipers that says, “The next stop is a place you’ve been to a lot as a kid and will make your brain freeze.”

I figured it was an ice cream shop, but there were several I’d been to as a kid, so I was a little stop as to which one, so with some help from Kim and Greg, we pull into The Freeze, a well-known hometown ice cream shop. Who should be waiting out front for us? Jacob’s family minus Jacob. Now I knew something was really up, so we all had an ice cream cone, and Jacob’s sister, Justine, hands me the last note that says,”Now for a trip to the park where you’ll meet someone special.”

Kim and Greg drive me over to the park, and they walk me up to the pond and tell me that’s where they are leaving, and it’s up to me to find the “someone special”.

I walk out on the bridge towards the picturesque little island with a willow tree, and there’s Jacob waiting there. He asks me if I know what the entire day was for, and all I can say is it was to see him again. He pulls out the gorgeous marquis diamond ring from Denney’s and gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. Between all the hugging and excitement, I finally get out the “Yes!”

We head out of the park towards the final location: my favorite restaurant, where everyone is waiting to celebrate with us.

Fast forward exactly one year to Jacob and I walking down the aisle in a little outdoor chapel with all our friends and family around. It was a beautiful day made even more special by a gorgeous wrap ring from Denney’s to perfectly fit my engagement ring!

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I had always been frustrated with my husband’s lack of enthusiasm for Valentine’s Day, meaning a card given halfheartedly was the most I could expect. But since he was a wonderful, loving husband and father and did nice things for me all year, I really couldn’t complain.

However, on Valentine’s Day, as my co-workers received flowers, candy, and romantic cards from their husbands and boyfriends, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for myself.

Sue just got flowers . . . Becky just got a balloon bouquet . . . oooh, and a candy bouquet for Sara! I decided to take a quick break and go for a walk to blow off a little steam. It was near lunchtime; maybe I’d treat myself to a special Valentine’s Day lunch.

As I walked out the door of my office building, I was approached by a mime. I had seen him “working the street” the past few weeks and got a kick out of his silent antics. Today he seemed to sense my blue mood and walked right up to me.

The mime drew his face into a sad one to match my expression and proceeded to entertain me with a series of scenarios that depicted sadness turned to happiness. At the end of his routine, he magically whipped out a bouquet of brightly-colored paper flowers and handed them to me with a flourish.

As I reached out to take them, he grasped my hand and opened it, palm flat. He took the flowers, gave them a little shake above my hand, and out dropped a ring. Thinking this was a continuation of his entertainment, I picked it up to examine it, and found it to be a curiously real-looking opal surrounded by tiny diamonds. This guy must be getting some great tips!

A hand reached out and touched my arm, and there stood my husband, Richard, smiling with the pleasure of a small child. “Honey,” he said, “that ring is for you. Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you.”

“But, Richard, you don’t believe in Valentine’s Day!” I squeaked as I put the ring on and held it out in the sunlight to admire it.

“No, honey, that’s not really true. I’ve just been saving up for something really special!”


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Congratulations to our Most Romantic Couple for 2011 Torrie and Chris!

Each month we get such wonderful stories, our job in choosing is truly difficult! We wish all the couples the very best.  We enjoy each of your stories so much and it is amazing how many different and special ways there are to show someone how much they mean to you.

Thank you to all of our nominees for Sharing the Love….and your story.  We wish you all the best .

Be sure to submit your romantic jewelry presentation story and Share the Love!  We are looking for all kinds of special moments when jewelry was given to the one you love.  We look forward to another year filled with LOVE!

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I’ve been married to Jake for seventeen years now and have been one of those lucky women married to a thoughtful man who always makes Valentine’s Day special. A romantic dinner at our favorite restaurant and a bouquet of gladiolas delivered to me at my office are the standard.

When Valentine’s Day arrived last year with no bouquet of flowers and no mention of dinner, I wasn’t just hurt, I was worried! What was wrong with our marriage? Or with me? Or with Jake? By the end of the day I couldn’t wait to get home and find out what was going on!

I left my office in a rush, pulling on my jacket as I walked out the front door. Head down to search for my car keys, I ran straight into the driver who was waiting to escort me to the limousine idling at the curb. He opened the door and guided me gently toward the outstretched hand of my husband Jake.

He settled me into the seat across from him and handed me a glass of champagne. A scrumptious array of hors d’ oeuvres sat on a candlelit counter to the side of us, and my bouquet of gladiolas served as decoration.

For a change I was speechless as Jake took my hand in his and held it in his warm embrace. “Honey, I thought after 17 years of celebrating Valentine’s Day in exactly the same way it was time for a change. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I have just one other addition and then we’ll enjoy our hors d’ oeuvres and champagne on the way to dinner.”

At that he reached down to the seat beside him and retrieved a red velvet jewelry case. Opening it very slowly, he revealed a necklace of diamonds that sparkled in the candlelight like a sky full of glittering stars. It literally took my breath away!

As Jake leaned over and fastened the necklace around my neck and touched his lips to mine, he whispered, “I love you honey. Happy Valentine’s Day.”


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