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During the month of February we men start to get nervous. There are expectations out there that we’re just not sure we’re equipped to handle. The Valentine’s Day thing is a bit scary!

My wife Sara starts dropping little hints in late January that she really enjoyed last year when I bought her the dozen roses or the special dinner out that we did the year before. I start thinking, “How do I top myself year after year?” But never fear, the romantic side of me usually wins out and this year was no exception.

On February 14th I gave her a quick peck on the cheek as I left for work, letting her think I hadn’t remembered that it was Valentine’s Day, then I high-tailed it out to the garage knowing she would be leaving shortly behind me.

I drove down the street and parked my car around the corner then creeped back to watch the show. I waved to my neighbor Tom as I crept around the side of his house and he just shook his head.

I waited right outside the garage to hear the door from the house into the garage close, then I peeked cautiously around the corner.

Sara was preoccupied and looked at her watch as she opened the door to her little car. Whoosh! Out came the helium balloons I had so carefully crammed in there after she went to sleep last night.

She jumped back, startled, then looked around to see if I was hiding anywhere nearby. “I know you’re out there somewhere Tim! What are you up to?”

As I came out from my hiding place I pointed to the front seat of the car where one last balloon rested. “I wonder why that one didn’t fly out”, I said. “Better check it out.”

Sara reached in and pulled the balloon out of the car, shaking it to hear the rattle inside. I handed her the pin I had put on the shelf by the car and suggested she pop the balloon to get her real Valentine’s Day surprise.

POP! went the balloon and out dropped a  jewelry box that I caught in mid air and presented to Sara with a bow. “Honey, you are my sweetheart, forever and ever. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

The star sapphire earrings inside glistened like the tears in her eyes as she hugged me and said, “I love you Tim; you never disappoint me on Valentine’s Day.”


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I had always been frustrated with my husband’s lack of enthusiasm for Valentine’s Day, meaning a card given halfheartedly was the most I could expect. But since he was a wonderful, loving husband and father and did nice things for me all year, I really couldn’t complain.

However, on Valentine’s Day, as my co-workers received flowers, candy, and romantic cards from their husbands and boyfriends, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for myself.

Sue just got flowers . . . Becky just got a balloon bouquet . . . oooh, and a candy bouquet for Sara! I decided to take a quick break and go for a walk to blow off a little steam. It was near lunchtime; maybe I’d treat myself to a special Valentine’s Day lunch.

As I walked out the door of my office building, I was approached by a mime. I had seen him “working the street” the past few weeks and got a kick out of his silent antics. Today he seemed to sense my blue mood and walked right up to me.

The mime drew his face into a sad one to match my expression and proceeded to entertain me with a series of scenarios that depicted sadness turned to happiness. At the end of his routine, he magically whipped out a bouquet of brightly-colored paper flowers and handed them to me with a flourish.

As I reached out to take them, he grasped my hand and opened it, palm flat. He took the flowers, gave them a little shake above my hand, and out dropped a ring. Thinking this was a continuation of his entertainment, I picked it up to examine it, and found it to be a curiously real-looking opal surrounded by tiny diamonds. This guy must be getting some great tips!

A hand reached out and touched my arm, and there stood my husband, Richard, smiling with the pleasure of a small child. “Honey,” he said, “that ring is for you. Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you.”

“But, Richard, you don’t believe in Valentine’s Day!” I squeaked as I put the ring on and held it out in the sunlight to admire it.

“No, honey, that’s not really true. I’ve just been saving up for something really special!”


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I’ve been married to Jake for seventeen years now and have been one of those lucky women married to a thoughtful man who always makes Valentine’s Day special. A romantic dinner at our favorite restaurant and a bouquet of gladiolas delivered to me at my office are the standard.

When Valentine’s Day arrived last year with no bouquet of flowers and no mention of dinner, I wasn’t just hurt, I was worried! What was wrong with our marriage? Or with me? Or with Jake? By the end of the day I couldn’t wait to get home and find out what was going on!

I left my office in a rush, pulling on my jacket as I walked out the front door. Head down to search for my car keys, I ran straight into the driver who was waiting to escort me to the limousine idling at the curb. He opened the door and guided me gently toward the outstretched hand of my husband Jake.

He settled me into the seat across from him and handed me a glass of champagne. A scrumptious array of hors d’ oeuvres sat on a candlelit counter to the side of us, and my bouquet of gladiolas served as decoration.

For a change I was speechless as Jake took my hand in his and held it in his warm embrace. “Honey, I thought after 17 years of celebrating Valentine’s Day in exactly the same way it was time for a change. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I have just one other addition and then we’ll enjoy our hors d’ oeuvres and champagne on the way to dinner.”

At that he reached down to the seat beside him and retrieved a red velvet jewelry case. Opening it very slowly, he revealed a necklace of diamonds that sparkled in the candlelight like a sky full of glittering stars. It literally took my breath away!

As Jake leaned over and fastened the necklace around my neck and touched his lips to mine, he whispered, “I love you honey. Happy Valentine’s Day.”


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Avid swing/ballroom dancers Gene and Sharon Weiser, had each been single for a long time.  27 and 21 years respectively.  A proposal at 60 MPH  finally got them speeding towards the altar in this romantic proposal story.

On Valentines Day 2004, Gene was trying to come up with an unusual and creative way to propose to his girlfriend Sharon (54) of two years. He booked a bus trip with 48 close friends of the Springfield Ski Club to the Taste of Soulard Market in St. Louis and did he make it a memorable occasion for her and them!

Along the way, “Gene Gene the Dancing Machine” as he is known in the area called the passengers to attention (they knew nothing) as he took over the bus microphone.
After handing out Valentine candy treats to all the ladies on the bus and purposely skipping Sharon. He  dedicated this self-styled Valentine to Sharon and all the passengers.

Roses are Red,Violets are blue
I am really happy to be here with all of you
I am sure later on we will all be happy and gay
And we will all agree that we had a fun day
So without any more B.S. or fuss
Direct your attention to the center of the bus.

Gene made his way down the aisle to where Sharon had been waiting for him patiently.
He then handed Sharon a small Cookie Factory box. She just held the box in her hand as Gene said, “Open it! It’s your Valentine treat.”

Inside Sharon found a heart-shaped cookie with the inscription, “Will you marry me?”

Sharon, in temporary shock, finally yelled “yes” as Gene remained with one knee planted on the seat and a ring behind his back, balancing himself as the bus tooled down the interstate at 60mph. Gene said this was quite a balancing act for the 58 year old Weiser.

Gene then slipped the ring on her finger as the bus roared their approval! To add to the memories that day in Soulard Market, the Fox affiliate televison Channel 2 news found out about their engagement from people on the bus and interviewed Gene and Sharon. They were featured on the St. Louis TV airwaves that night.

When Sharon was interviwed as she was sampling a crabcake- Channel 2 Fox said what is the best thing about today and she flashed her ring at the camera and beamed. “Crab cakes and diamonds, what a wonderful combination!”

This story was also featured in the SJ-R as a Toby McDaniel column in March 2004.

Gene and Sharon married June 18, 2004 and were recently in Denney Jewelers to upgrade Sharon’s wedding ring with a new diamond.  They are still happily married and dancing their lives away after 6 years of wedded bliss. Gene said, “I am very lucky and would marry Sharon all over again.”

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