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Congratulations to our 2015 Romantic Couple contest winners! Heather and David were selected for our popular “People’s Choice” award and Nicole and Dustin are honored with being crowned the Most Romantic Couple for 2015. Read their great stories online and be sure to submit your romantic story to share and be considered for next year’s competition!

Romantic Couples for 2015

Heather and David People’s Choice Romantic Couple 2015

Nicole and Dustin Most Romantic Couple 2015


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Kristie and Daniel - Romantic Couple 2015We met in puppy school 14 years ago. My Jack Russell terrier, Dewey, was learning me a thing or two about high energy, loyalty and his outright superior intelligence than my own. She had a Weimaraner with his own puppy at play, aren’t I cute attitude. We quickly connected in conversation as our affinity for each other was magnetic. I learned she was a nurse at Memorial Medical Center in the ICU. She learned that I was a resident in radiology. After our puppy school days, she was gone. But at least Dewey learned me good and he’s been a faithful companion ever since.

Seven years had past, and one day Kristie appeared as a vision as she transitioned into radiology nursing.  Unbeknownst to each other, we were both unhappily married. Our affinity for each other had not waned and we immediately relived our puppy school days. For seven years, we were colleagues and always enjoyed conversation and sharing pictures of our children. However, the connection was primordial, ever present, and always growing. Waiting like the sentinel for God’s timing…

It has been 3 years since our respective divorces and the planets, stars and universe has finally taken notice of the love that had grown. For 14 years, there was always a burning ember never succumbing to the snuff. The passion and love now rages as the wild fire across the dry prairie. Soul-mates were now connected with auras merging into one shining beacon of love. We found each other before, we found each other in this life and we will find each other again. In cyclic motion our love endures. She said “Yes” on Christmas Eve 2014.

She inspired the following poem, which says it all.

                                                            With You…

    I want to fly, touch the sky and never say good bye…with you.
    Side by side, forever in time and pondering your smile…with you.
    Never enough time, never an adieu…But only my next moment…with you.
    Lost in your eyes, discovering your soul, the quite moments…with you.
    I long to ride this silly life…with you.
    I burn inside- to laugh, to love, and sometimes cry…with you.
    I ache inside- when your wounds bleed dry, but I’m here…with you.
    I sing inside-  unaware of my gaze, lost in my haze…with you.
    Rest my eyes, adrift in a dream, can this be…with you?
    You, the last I see, beckons as the Siren while I sleep.
    I need this to be, just you and me, with a love conquering my deep.
    Souls entwined…marred, entrenched…with you.
    Sunshine day, spring of life, puppy at play…with you.
    Drizzle day or enchained in strife, I’m here to stay…with you.
    Never lonely while sitting quietly alone…with you.
    Words fall short but never my heart…with you.
    Our story, written each day, I yearn for the next page…with you.
    Embracing emotion, in perpetual motion…with you.
    What’s started cannot stop! It has begun…with you.
    When the lights fail and darkness looms, only…with you.
    You are my light, my beacon. I shine…with you.
    I am the sentinel, in faithful purpose…with you.
    Standing, staring and without sleep; when needed…with you.
    Resolutely resolved, adrift in a dream…with you.
    I rise and fall, giggle and sigh…with you.
    Why, oh why…with you?
    I’m a better man, father and soul…with you.
    You! And only you…Is why…with you.
    A new meaning you’ve given, for me…with you.
    Selfless love, devotion, an aura…with you.
    An eternity is a fleeting moment…with you.
    Forever altered in time…with you.
    No one sees what I see…with you.
    I can never love enough…with you.
    To grow old and spend lifetimes…with you.
    Because you are the truth and my serenity…

    I have fallen in love…With You!

Prologue: The day I knew

I’m right there with you in every moment! Remember that if you ever feel sad. Days and hours are just grains of sand falling to their destiny in a passing moment thru the hourglass when we patiently wait years and lifetimes for true love. It’s rare but worth the wait and pain we endure in its pursuit. Time changes when you find yourself lost in your soul-mate. Not measured in minutes or years but only the next moment I’ll be with you!

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Heather and David - Romantic Couple 2015Once upon a time, there was a three-year old girl in Springfield, named Heather, who dreamed of visiting Walt Disney World in Orlando. One day her parents surprised her with a family trip… and made that dream a reality.

When she got there, she was fascinated. After the trip, she dreamed of someday living in Cinderella’s Castle. When Heather was in college, she came across an opportunity to join the Walt Disney World College Program. This opportunity led Heather to the chance to play the role of Disney’s Cinderella at the Magic Kingdom and work in the castle she wanted to live in as a child… and made that dream a reality.

When Heather graduated from college, she moved to Nashville, TN to begin her career. A few years later David was playing professional baseball in Nashville and was introduced to Heather through mutual friends. Despite residing on opposite sides of the country (David is from California), their love persevered through all obstacles. As their relationship grew and marriage was certain, their quest to find the perfect engagement ring began. Their search pursued through multiple states and countless jewelry stores, in hopes of finding the ring to match the vision that Heather dreamed of wearing forever.

In February of 2014, Heather and David found their way back to Heather’s hometown of Springfield, IL and eventually found their way to Denney Jewelers. In a matter of seconds, Heather found her perfect diamond and learned she could design her own custom setting down to the finest detail. The Denney’s staff embraced Heather’s vision and were determined to bring her dream to life. In July of 2014, Heather’s ring was complete. While vacationing over the Fourth of July weekend, David placed the identical ring she saw so vividly in her dreams on her finger… and made that dream a reality.

Heather had always dreamed of having a fairy tale wedding at Walt Disney World. On October 3, 2014, Heather and David got married at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion overlooking Cinderella’s Castle… and made that dream a reality.

Heather and David - Romantic Couple 2015Heather and David - Romantic Couple 2015









 … and they lived happily ever after.

The End.


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Greg and Colleen had known each other through church for a couple of years.  They had hung out a couple of times in group settings last fall thanks to a fantasy football league.  They both hit it off as friends and realized the conversation was easy.  Over the next couple of months, they started to take notice of each other.

Last New Year’s Eve, a friend kissed Colleen on the cheek and Greg suddenly noticed jealousy flaring up.  That same night, a friend asked Colleen what she thought of Greg.  Both were starting to wonder what might be next.  During the polar vortex storm in early January, Colleen was headed to work one night when she got a text asking her to coffee from Greg.  She took some time to think about it.  During that time, a dear friend of Colleen helped her to see what she wanted while a dear friend of Greg did the same for him. Little did Colleen and Greg know, that these two friends had talked to each other and knew that Colleen and Greg would be so good for each other.

Colleen said yes.  Greg and Colleen went out to coffee and the conversation would not stop.  They talked and talked and talked.  They started dating and quickly fell in love.  Greg soon knew they would be together forever.  By 6 months, a visit to Colleen’s home and family ensured Colleen’s feelings of forever.  In September, they were getting ready to celebrate 8 months together. Greg planned a special day.  He took Colleen to the Apple Festival.  He planned to make her a special dinner and to have a special day of time together.  After a great day and dinner, he took her for a walk in Washington Park, the site of many of their first dates.  To avoid the many people at the park that night, he took her up to the rose garden.  When he found the perfect spot, people were already there. He distracted Colleen by having her look at a building.  When they had gone, he told her how special the last couple of months had been and how much he loved  her.  He then read her the poem he had written her that month.  Every month to celebrate the day they first went to coffee he would write her a poem.  This poem, he read in front of a water fountain at dusk.  At the end of the poem, professing his love, he asked her to hold the poem so he could do something he had wanted to do for months.  He was down on one knee and proposing.  Colleen said yes and they cried and kissed to celebrate!

We are both so excited to begin our lives together and have loved the preparation for our future.

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Nicole and Dustin - Romantic Couple 2015

Dustin and I lived in a small town growing up and we went to the same high school. Although it was a small school we never really met until his sophomore year and my senior year. We had Chemistry class together, where we were in a lab group together, and both played basketball. So, our friendship started because of these things. As time went on our friendship grew to where we would stay after our individual practices and practice together, we would ride to and from school together and when we weren’t together we would be messaging one another on AOL. Thus, we formed a great foundation. 

Shortly after we started to become friends, we knew we wanted more than a friendship.  We began dating in high school and 8 1/2 years later through college, Master’s programs, our first jobs, Dustin playing and coaching college baseball and almost six years of long distance, we “beat the odds” as some would say. We grew together, we became each other’s family and have been each other’s better half for many years, but now it’s going to be official.

Nicole and Dustin - Romantic Couple 2015On November 1, 2014 we went fishing like we would any other day. We were on the pond, in the boat, and it was a chilly, but sunny day. I got my line snagged on a limb and my line broke. I handed it to him to fix it and while he was fixing it, I used his pole. I didn’t pay any attention to what he was doing because I was paying attention to his bobber. When he got done fixing my pole and gave it back to me, I reeled it in like I would any other time but this time when I reeled it up, there wasn’t a hook on the end, but a ring! He had tied string onto the ring, which he was holding, so it was like the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp. He held it in his hand and asked me,  “Will you marry me?” and I said, “Yes!”

Dustin had been keeping this all a secret from me. He would say he was going hunting, but he was really going to Denney’s to get my ring and was working to make this day perfect. After he proposed we took the boat ashore  and walked to the timber and gathered some wood for a fire and watched the sun set, in the first day of our forever. 

It may have taken many years to get where we are today, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We did things our way and accomplished so much individually and together in this last 8 1/2 years. We are blessed and got our fairly tale!

Nicole and Dustin - Romantic Couple 2015Nicole and Dustin - Romantic Couple 2015







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Tara and Rusty - Romantic Couple 2015Rusty and I have known each other almost our entire lives. After I started high school, my mom noticed a name she recognized on a list of fellow band students. She said, “You went to pre-school with a Rusty Petty”I thought ‘what a coincidence’ and asked him a few weeks later if he had gone to Patty Cake Day Care. Rusty confirmed that he had. Soon after that my mom located a picture of me, holding hands with another little boy, but looking up at Rusty as he played the old game Simon.

During Rusty’s senior year and my junior year of high school, we started dating. He traveled to San Francisco with my family and we celebrated as he was crowned co-prom king. Our relationship lasted for about 18 months before Rusty headed off to college. A few months later we went our separate ways but always kept in touch. One summer we even ran into each other unexpectedly at a gas station near St. Louis.

Last year we started hanging out again more regularly and after starting fresh we decided to make it official February 2014. By St. Patrick’s day 2014 we knew we were meant to be together. Late September Rusty told me that he’d told his parents that he was going to ask me to marry him. I got excited but thought he was starting his planning. Less than a week later, we had a wonderful dinner downtown followed by a short walk. During our walk Rusty took both my hands and told me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He told me that he had spoken to my two best friends and had gone to talk with my Dad as well. There is no doubt in my mind that he is who I want to spend the rest of my life with. We can’t wait for our adventure to continue!

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The happy day my daughter Amber was born was a proud and happy moment for Jimmy and me.  Like all new parents, we were so proud we could burst.  Jimmy hovered anxiously over my bed while I held Amber in my arms.

Jimmy teased me baout my thorough examination of Amber as though I thought they would bring her back with parts missing–hands, arms, fingers, toes all present and accounted for.  On our last morning in the hospital, as I performed my daily inspection, I was shocked to find a little envelope tucked in the front of Amber’s diaper.  What on earth were these people doing???

I slid the envelope out of the diaper and found that rather than paper it was made of a soft satin.  I opened the envelope to find a note that read, “Our lives have changed forever, from now on it will only get better.  To remind you of this precious time, A special gift is your to find.” At the bottom of the poem it read, “When you are finished reading this note, ring for the nurse.”

I rang and the nurse came in with my usual assortment of medication and a tiny box wrapped in shimmering pink paper and a bow. I unwrapped the box and found a pair of 18K gold baby booties and just then Jimmy held out a beautiful charm bracelet.  “This is a very special occasion in our lives, the birth of our daughter.  Every year on Amber’s birthday we will add another charm significant to her life at that moment.  I love you Deb.” And he held us both close in his big warm hug.

Except From Memorable Ways to Pop the Question, The Gift of Jewelery for All Occasions With Romantic Imagination by David Richardson.

Stop in to speak with our knowledgeable staff and pick up a complimentary copy today!

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Shelly and Johnny - Most Romantic Couple July

We had talked about getting married for 2 years. We just never got around to the specifics.  Finally we decided after eight years it was time.  I left pictures around the house of different rings for over 6 months. I had been browsing around for rings and came across Tacori.

When I found the ring, I knew it was the one, but when I went to Denney Jewelers  to find out about it, it was more than we had budgeted for a ring. After discussing different options, I decided I would just have to settle for something comparable.  I went home and talked to Johnny about it, we put it on the back burner and forgot about it for a few months.

One day Johnny calls me, he had gone to Denney’s and talked to Matthew about the ring.  He called and asked me what I wanted to do, I told him I loved the ring, but was happy with something in our price range.  When I got home, there was a bag from Denney’s with sizing rings and a down payment to order my Tacori.

I immediately burst into tears.  I couldn’t believe he bought me the ring. All I knew was that it would be ready in 4-6 weeks.  Every few days Johnny would joke about the ring, he would say, “It will be here in 7 weeks.”  Then the next day it would be 8 weeks, then 9.  This went on the entire time until the “big surprise.”

Fast forward to July 31st.  We had planned a day trip to St. Louis for some shopping and dinner.  This was nothing unusual.  We went to the mall and were heading to Ruth Criss steakhouse in downtown.

We were early, so Johnny said, “Why don’t we walk over by the arch?”

“Sure, I haven’t been over there in years.” I said.

We walked around for a little bit, and then wandered up the path under the shade.  I was staring out at the river when Johnny said, “OK Babe!”  I turned around and he was down on one knee with my Tacori in his hand.  I immediately started crying. Of course I said “Yes!” Who wouldn’t say yes, to such a great guy.  Even with me knowing the ring was coming, he still managed to make me cry.  I will be Mrs. Johnny Rudin on October 18th, 2010.

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Create a memorable, romantic moment to present a gift of jewelry and be crowned as the Most Romantic Couple of 2011.

We are looking for creative, meaningful moments that were made even more magical with a jewelry presentation. Stories can include engagement, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, new baby, or any special occasion marked with a gift of jewelry. A monthly finalist will be selected and featured on our website and receive a $100 gift certificate to Denney Jewelers.

Denney Jewelers will host a romantic Valentine’s Ball on Saturday, February 12, 2011 from 7-10 pm for our contest participants and valued guests. Each nominee will receive a special gift from Denney Jewelers and be recognized at the Ball. Dance Arts Studio will present a Tango lesson for all our guests and there will be tapas and treats throughout the evening. Please save the date for a perfectly romantic evening!

We will crown the “Most Romantic Couple” in Springfield 2011 at the Ball and they will reign over the romantic evening as well as winning a romantic gift package including a $500 gift certificate to Denney Jewelers a 24K real rose and other prizes. We will have a photography corner to capture the evening as well as other surprises for our monthly nominees.

Please submit a story of your romantic jewelry presentation along with a photo or video of the presentation, the recipient wearing the jewelry, a photo of the couple or another moment that represents your story.  Stories are selected by a panel of judges and may include input from posts on the website and facebook.  Share our site with your friends and best of luck to each of our couples!!

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