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Congratulations to our 2015 Romantic Couple contest winners! Heather and David were selected for our popular “People’s Choice” award and Nicole and Dustin are honored with being crowned the Most Romantic Couple for 2015. Read their great stories online and be sure to submit your romantic story to share and be considered for next year’s competition!

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Heather and David People’s Choice Romantic Couple 2015

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Kristie and Daniel - Romantic Couple 2015We met in puppy school 14 years ago. My Jack Russell terrier, Dewey, was learning me a thing or two about high energy, loyalty and his outright superior intelligence than my own. She had a Weimaraner with his own puppy at play, aren’t I cute attitude. We quickly connected in conversation as our affinity for each other was magnetic. I learned she was a nurse at Memorial Medical Center in the ICU. She learned that I was a resident in radiology. After our puppy school days, she was gone. But at least Dewey learned me good and he’s been a faithful companion ever since.

Seven years had past, and one day Kristie appeared as a vision as she transitioned into radiology nursing.  Unbeknownst to each other, we were both unhappily married. Our affinity for each other had not waned and we immediately relived our puppy school days. For seven years, we were colleagues and always enjoyed conversation and sharing pictures of our children. However, the connection was primordial, ever present, and always growing. Waiting like the sentinel for God’s timing…

It has been 3 years since our respective divorces and the planets, stars and universe has finally taken notice of the love that had grown. For 14 years, there was always a burning ember never succumbing to the snuff. The passion and love now rages as the wild fire across the dry prairie. Soul-mates were now connected with auras merging into one shining beacon of love. We found each other before, we found each other in this life and we will find each other again. In cyclic motion our love endures. She said “Yes” on Christmas Eve 2014.

She inspired the following poem, which says it all.

                                                            With You…

    I want to fly, touch the sky and never say good bye…with you.
    Side by side, forever in time and pondering your smile…with you.
    Never enough time, never an adieu…But only my next moment…with you.
    Lost in your eyes, discovering your soul, the quite moments…with you.
    I long to ride this silly life…with you.
    I burn inside- to laugh, to love, and sometimes cry…with you.
    I ache inside- when your wounds bleed dry, but I’m here…with you.
    I sing inside-  unaware of my gaze, lost in my haze…with you.
    Rest my eyes, adrift in a dream, can this be…with you?
    You, the last I see, beckons as the Siren while I sleep.
    I need this to be, just you and me, with a love conquering my deep.
    Souls entwined…marred, entrenched…with you.
    Sunshine day, spring of life, puppy at play…with you.
    Drizzle day or enchained in strife, I’m here to stay…with you.
    Never lonely while sitting quietly alone…with you.
    Words fall short but never my heart…with you.
    Our story, written each day, I yearn for the next page…with you.
    Embracing emotion, in perpetual motion…with you.
    What’s started cannot stop! It has begun…with you.
    When the lights fail and darkness looms, only…with you.
    You are my light, my beacon. I shine…with you.
    I am the sentinel, in faithful purpose…with you.
    Standing, staring and without sleep; when needed…with you.
    Resolutely resolved, adrift in a dream…with you.
    I rise and fall, giggle and sigh…with you.
    Why, oh why…with you?
    I’m a better man, father and soul…with you.
    You! And only you…Is why…with you.
    A new meaning you’ve given, for me…with you.
    Selfless love, devotion, an aura…with you.
    An eternity is a fleeting moment…with you.
    Forever altered in time…with you.
    No one sees what I see…with you.
    I can never love enough…with you.
    To grow old and spend lifetimes…with you.
    Because you are the truth and my serenity…

    I have fallen in love…With You!

Prologue: The day I knew

I’m right there with you in every moment! Remember that if you ever feel sad. Days and hours are just grains of sand falling to their destiny in a passing moment thru the hourglass when we patiently wait years and lifetimes for true love. It’s rare but worth the wait and pain we endure in its pursuit. Time changes when you find yourself lost in your soul-mate. Not measured in minutes or years but only the next moment I’ll be with you!

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