Greg and Colleen had known each other through church for a couple of years.  They had hung out a couple of times in group settings last fall thanks to a fantasy football league.  They both hit it off as friends and realized the conversation was easy.  Over the next couple of months, they started to take notice of each other.

Last New Year’s Eve, a friend kissed Colleen on the cheek and Greg suddenly noticed jealousy flaring up.  That same night, a friend asked Colleen what she thought of Greg.  Both were starting to wonder what might be next.  During the polar vortex storm in early January, Colleen was headed to work one night when she got a text asking her to coffee from Greg.  She took some time to think about it.  During that time, a dear friend of Colleen helped her to see what she wanted while a dear friend of Greg did the same for him. Little did Colleen and Greg know, that these two friends had talked to each other and knew that Colleen and Greg would be so good for each other.

Colleen said yes.  Greg and Colleen went out to coffee and the conversation would not stop.  They talked and talked and talked.  They started dating and quickly fell in love.  Greg soon knew they would be together forever.  By 6 months, a visit to Colleen’s home and family ensured Colleen’s feelings of forever.  In September, they were getting ready to celebrate 8 months together. Greg planned a special day.  He took Colleen to the Apple Festival.  He planned to make her a special dinner and to have a special day of time together.  After a great day and dinner, he took her for a walk in Washington Park, the site of many of their first dates.  To avoid the many people at the park that night, he took her up to the rose garden.  When he found the perfect spot, people were already there. He distracted Colleen by having her look at a building.  When they had gone, he told her how special the last couple of months had been and how much he loved  her.  He then read her the poem he had written her that month.  Every month to celebrate the day they first went to coffee he would write her a poem.  This poem, he read in front of a water fountain at dusk.  At the end of the poem, professing his love, he asked her to hold the poem so he could do something he had wanted to do for months.  He was down on one knee and proposing.  Colleen said yes and they cried and kissed to celebrate!

We are both so excited to begin our lives together and have loved the preparation for our future.

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Last updated February 5, 2017