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014Here it is…the last day of 2013!  Tonight will be the 48th New Year’s Eve that I will be spending with my wonderful husband Bill.  We celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary this past June. 

We met back in 1966 when we were in junior college and I’m the only girl he dated more than once!  We initially met at a dance, having been introduced by a mutual friend.  Unfortunately, I came down with mononucleosis that weekend, and missed three weeks of classes.   When I came back to school, I discovered Bill had been trying  to find me during that time period. 

One of my favorite stories is about our first “real” conversation in the hallway at the college after I returned to school.  I’m the oldest of four children, and have three younger brothers.  Thought I was so clever in the conversation when I said to Bill…”I’ll bet I have more brothers than you do.”  He calmly said, “No, probably not.”  After I said that I had three, I asked how many he had.  He said “Seven.” Slightly taken aback, but not to be outdone, I then exclaimed, “You don’t have any sisters!  Neither do I.”  He said he had sisters.  Imagine my surprise when I asked how many, and he said “Seven” a second time!  He’s the third oldest of 15 children from a wonderful family. 

I was intrigued.  We began dating soon after that conversation in Spring, 1966.  I knew I was falling in love, but became more enamored when I picked him up (in my Mom’s 1949 Ford) to go to a meeting on campus that April.  Four little kids were clamoring at the front door, urging me to come in, saying Bill couldn’t leave yet.  They were all so cute…and excited…because one of them had pulled the bathroom sink off the wall (while boosting herself up to see in the mirror).  Water was shooting from the pipe across the bathroom.  There he was, a sophomore in college, and he knew where to turn off the water, get the pipe re-attached and the sink back on the wall!  Since I grew up in a house with a Dad who could fix everything, I was impressed with Bill’s skills and his calmness with all those little girls and boys who couldn’t talk fast enough about what was going on and who had done what.  By July of 1966, we decided to get married but wanted to wait until he graduated from college in 1968.

We were married in June, 1968 at the height of the VietNam war.  Bill was finishing his Bachelor’s Degree.  I don’t know if we had ever even heard the term”Baby Boomers” at this point in our lives.  Little did we know how hard it would be to find jobs, even with a college degree, due to the huge number of people in our generation.  So on we went through more  years of college…a Masters followed by a Ph.D. in 1976…eight years after we were married and the birth of our only son, Josh, in 1973.  Those years of living on a shoestring budget made us stronger.  They were years of fun and busy times, making friends along the way at two universities.

We’ve been in Springfield since 1977 and live in the first and only home we’ve ever owned.   It’s great living in a 100 year old house because it seems like there’s always something we want to improve and change.  We are blessed with good families and good health.  Our son and his family live here in Springfield so we get to see all of them on a frequent and regular basis.  Words really can’t describe how great it is to be able to have a close relationship with granddaughters who only live 7 blocks away. 

We’ve belonged to the same church, St. Agnes, since 1977 and are fortunate to have a caring and like-minded parish family of friends who are loving and supportive people. 

Bill and I met at a dance and have danced our way through these years.  We exercise together several times a week at zumba and still go dancing on a regular basis.  We both love to garden and ride bikes. 

So what is romance?  It’s 45 years of me not having to make breakfast on Sunday, because he does.  He makes fantastic pizzas.  The only cleaning duty he really dislikes is dusting…he’s the one who steams the floors!  He truly can fix almost anything!  He’s kind and generous and caring.  He’ll back my car out of the garage so I don’t have to do that.  In bad weather, I get dropped off at the door of wherever we’re going.  He’ll go to the store for the forgotten ingredient, even if it’s inconvenient with his plans.  He has the patience of the proverbial “saint”. He’s a wonderful husband and Dad and Grandpa.  I pray that God continues to bless us with good health and happiness for many years to come!

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