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April Fools’ Day 2006 I met the man I now call “hubby”, “daddy”, and  “hon”. We have been fools ever since.

Falling in love was easy. He’s cute, kind, smart, fun, and generous. He likes to plan surprise dates and buys gifts months in advance. In fact, I found a slip of paper in his wallet that lists anything I vaguely mentioned I would like to have some day. A few months ago, I said I wanted to have a porch swing so we could relax next to each other and watch the sunset. He designed it, built it, and my dream is now hanging in our sun room.

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He makes all my dreams come true. He has made me a mother to two darling and rambunctious little boys, filling my heart to overflowing. We have stood by each other through major life decisions, loss of loved ones, high risk pregnancies,and nights of illness. His love has always given me the strength, faith, and hope I needed to know that we would be okay, that “team we”  would get through it. Sometimes life is a wedding day full of flowers, music, and cake. Sometimes it pushes you to a depth of despair and weakness you didn’t know existed. True love loves you through both, and for that I am grateful.

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