Eric and I have been together for almost five years.  This year has been such an amazing year so far…and the year is not over yet.  We have talked marriage here and there but not really looked at rings or got into detail about it.  

Around May, Eric asked me to start looking at rings and to start thinking what my perfect ring would be.  I looked at all the websites, since Eric and I work so much, it was hard for us to get to the stores to actually look at them.  Finally we made the decision to look at rings in person.  We went everywhere in Springfield.  I had looked online and found a setting that we both really liked.  We are very detailed oriented people so that was a must for us and my ring. 

We met Jeff at Denney Jewelers and as most of you know who have purchased your ring at Denney’s Jeff knows his stuff.  We waited awhile after meeting with Jeff and then finally on June 18th Eric went in and ordered my ring.  I didn’t know what the diamond was going to look like, I didn’t know what the ring was going to look like.  The setting that we loved they didn’t have it in the store so they ordered it for us.  This ring was going to be a complete surprise.

A month goes by and at this point Eric was getting very anxious.  Me, being in the event planning industry I was so busy with other brides weddings that I just put my ring on the back burner.  I knew that when the time was right I would have it.

Friday, July 19th Eric sends me a text message while I was at work asking me when he should ask Jeff for the status of my ring.  I said “Wait another week and if we don’t hear anything then contact him.” Little did I know, Jeff had already contacted him telling him my ring was in.  Saturday came and we had plans to go out to dinner, but unfortunately my work took longer than expected so I wasn’t able to make it home in time for our dinner plans.  I felt horrible.

Sunday came.  We were doing our usual Sunday stuff around the house.  I was cleaning and he was working out in the back bedroom.  He comes rushing out of the back room and said, “Did you get a text message from my mother?”  I replied “No, I don’t think so.”  I checked my phone and sure enough I got a text from his mother.  He immediately grabbed my phone and deleted the text message.  I had no clue why and I didn’t ask.  I took my phone back and plugged in my earphones and kept on cleaning.

As I was cleaning the kitchen, I noticed that I had two of my nice wine glasses missing but I didn’t think anything of it.  I kept on cleaning.  Finally he wanted to go out to dinner.  We made reservations at KiKu.  I was getting ready for our dinner date and I noticed that there was a dozen red roses on the counter when I stepped out of the bedroom.  He asked if I could arrange them since he had them in water from Saturday night.  So I did, still not thinking anything was going on.

We finally left for dinner.  We get to our table, order our drinks and ordered an appetizer.  Eric said, “I have something that I have been wanting to give you for awhile now”  He took out a black velvet box and slid it over the table.  I first thought, “Oh,  it’s my ring!”  but then I remembered that he asked me Friday how long he should wait to contact Jeff about my ring.  I opened the box.  It was my silver toe ring that I have been wanting.  Completely had me fooled.  We had a nice dinner and then we left.  

We were then headed to Southwind Park.  We had talked earlier in the day about going there to look at ceremony sites for our wedding.  We got there and he asked if I was thirsty.  I said that I was fine but if he was to take the bottled water that was in the truck.  He said no he had something better.  He pulled down his tailgate and there was a cooler that had a chilled bottle of a favorite red wine and he my two nice wine glasses I noticed missing from earlier in the day.  He opened the wine bottle like a pro and poured each of us a glass.  

We walked around the park holding hands, talking and drinking our wine.  We wanted to check out the Treeless Treehouse that’s at the park.  So we walked up the ramp of the treehouse and just talked and laughed and he held me in his arms.  He asked me if I loved him and I immediately said of course I do.  He turned me around and got down on one knee and said that magic phrase that every girl wants to hear in their life…”Will you marry me?”  He had my ring in the box holding it in his shaking hand.  I immediately started crying and said “Yes, yes I will marry you!”  He got teary eyed as we kissed and hugged each other.  He asked if I wanted to put the ring on…well of course I did.  I’ve been waiting forever for this ring.  

His whole plan was to purpose at a spot where he thought we could get married at.  It was one of the most happiest moments I have ever experienced especially with the man I want to marry.

Our wedding is set for October 18, 2014.  We are so excited to start planning all the special details to our special day.  But most importantly I get to marry the man that I love and the man who is my everything!

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Last updated February 5, 2017