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ResizedImage951384632053317-1Scott and I met at work. He was 1st store assistant manager and i was deli supervisor. We have both had our shares of bad relationships. I had finally given up as I thought I would never find a good man. Scott had been married and divorced 3 times. So we started talking and went to lunch together .  He is so much fun to be around, he makes my worries disappear.  After a few times of spending time together we decided to give love another try!

When we first started dating, Scott told me he would probably never get married again (I have never been married so that broke my heart). After about 7 months of being a couple we decided to move into our new home together.  At about 10 months, we were walking through Lowe’s and Scott said, “You know I’ve decided…” and I said, “on what?” and he said, “on getting married again.” I was thinking, “Wow I’ve changed his mind after being hurt so many times.” It made me feel so good that i changed his mind! 

Than he said, “On one condition.” and I was thinking, “Oh no”. Then he said the woman would have to ask him! So 4 days after our 1 year anniversary of being a couple on March 17,2013 St.Patricks Day, I put a rose, rose petals and a note on our bed.  When Scott walked in our room he started reading the note. It said how much he means to me and that I don’t want to live my life without him, he is my dream come true!

He turned and said, “That’s so sweet” and went to give me a hug. I had his ring in my hand and I froze. There was more I wanted to say but all that came out was, “Baby will you marry me?” and he said, ” Are you serious?”  and grabbed the ring. I was scared and shaking but of course he said, “Yes!”

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