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Tiffanee and I have been together for three years, one of which was long-distance. It’s crazy, but we both grew up in Quincy a block away from each other, and I was friends with her cousin, but we didn’t know of one another. She moved from Quincy when she was in high school, and I left Quincy when I enlisted in the Army. I was visiting my parents in Quincy in 2009 and my friend decided to play matchmaker, calling his cousin in Jacksonville to come over.

We met and liked each other, but I was living in Arizona and went back home. We started talking to each other on the phone but I didn’t visit Illinois again until the next year. Our first date was at Busch Stadium at a Cardinals/Cubs game- naturally, we are fans of rival teams! I still had to go back to Arizona, but we continued talking on the phone and learning about each other. I decided I needed to move back to Illinois, and we ended up at Busch Stadium again right after I moved back- where I finally got to tell her I was in love with her. 

We talked casually about getting married every now and then the past six months or so- really it was her dropping casual “hints” every now and then! Tiffanee had even given me a “hint” of a ring that she had found out shopping one day and loved. I wanted to surprise her with an engagement though, and took her sister ring shopping. We went to the store that I had the “hint” for. Once we got there and were looking at it, I just couldn’t bring myself to buy it. I didn’t love the ring, and the atmosphere didn’t feel right. Tiffanee’s sister suggested we run over to Denney Jewelers instead, and right when I opened the door there, I felt totally at ease- even though I had a ring to pick out! Cathy helped me find the perfect ring for Tiffanee and I started planning the perfect way to give it to her.

Tiffanee loves holidays and Easter was right around the corner. Her parents and sisters knew of my plans for the day, and actually managed to keep a secret! We went to church and then out for breakfast. When we got home, I told her she had to find Easter eggs I had hidden. The first was in the kitchen, and had a paper in it that said “Let’s”. The second was in the laundry room and had a paper in it that said “go get”.  The third was in the bedroom and had a paper in it that said “married”- and the perfect diamond ring! I have never seen her so surprised- she actually told me after that she was wondering what I wanted to go get before she got to the last egg! We both started crying because we were so happy and called our family with the news- we sure had fun showing the family the ring at our Easter dinner. We’re busy now planning our wedding- all with the girl I didn’t know that lived a block away from me in a different city twenty years ago!


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