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14620_4447242576528_1509029743_n Growing up down the street from each other, Kim and I never spoke a word let alone made eye contact with each other. For years I would walk my dog in front of her house never suspecting that the girl of my dreams was right in front of me.

It wasn’t until the summer before we left for college that Kim and I were introduced by our mothers . We both were going to attend Augustana College and because it was such a big school (2500 total enrollment) our mothers both felt it necessary  for us to have a friend. Little did they know that after a month and half of mini M&M tube fights and several almost first kisses we would begin dating.

Four years later, we are more to each other than the “friend” our parents had in mind for us. She has become my best friend, the love of my life and I knew it was the perfect time for us to move to the next stage in our lives together.

This past October I talked Kim into travelling up to Augustana for homecoming weekend. As far as she knew, we were just going to see old friends and take pictures around campus. Unfortunately, mother nature wasn’t cooperating with us whatsoever as it was set to rain the entire weekend, which naturally it did. Fortunately for my plan we did get a break in the rain that Saturday morning when I was able to coax her outside for a walk around campus. Not even half way across campus she decided that she wanted to go back inside. Despite her wishes I was able to guide her to the campus chapel where there was a covered walkway lined with beautiful arches. Under the last one in the row I stopped and began to “tie my shoe” 

2It was then that I pulled the ring out and told her, “Kim, you’re the love of my life. We have been through so many wonderful times together and I want to keep making memories with you. Will you marry me?”

To which she immediately replied, “Really?” It took her a few moments until it hit her that this was really happening. It was then that she finally said yes and I was able to slide the ring on her finger.

For us, this Homecoming weekend was more than just a return to campus. It was a return to the roots of our relationship where much of our growth together occurred. Now it’s where we take on the next chapter of our relationship, and I couldn’t be more excited.

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