Has asked me to marry him in July 2011 (Lacey and Josh – Part 1) and on January 21, 2012 after he stole my heart, I stole his last name!!

The Friday before we were to marry, Josh took me into a nearby town and said he had a surprise for me… He had set up a couples massage for that afternoon and it was so amazing, just what we needed! That night, all our family and friends arrived at the resort and we had dinner, drinks and laughs before we all headed off for the night to catch some Zzzz’s before that mornings event!

We were married at the top of the slope, outside at a Ski Resort in Wisconsin and it was beautiful, unique and just perfect! I even went down the slope on my snowboard in my huge dress and Josh on his skiis and in his tux and we made it without any problem!  Saturday night after a long day of pictures and finally getting to snowboard and ski for the rest of the day, we went snowtubing after dinner. Everyone had a blast.

When we returned to our room, Josh had a gift for me. Of course, I thought, “what could he have possibly bought for me? I already have the most perfect ring and husband, I don’t need anything else.”

I opened the box and inside was a beautiful white gold box chain with an engraved square pendant. The engraving he had Denney Jewelers put on it were my NEW initials!! “L.A.S”

I was so excited and couldn’t believe it!!! I had lost my most favorite necklace which was similar to my new one and said I would love to have my initials engraved on it some day. Josh being so thoughtful and amazing had Denney Jewelers make it happen! I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful best friend, my husband!

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Last updated February 5, 2017