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After dating for two years and talking about getting married, Mike and I finally decided to look at rings to get an idea of what was available.  We went to Denney Jewelers on a Sunday and met John Daum.  John was very helpful in trying to help us figure out what kind of ring we were looking for.  He asked me what kind of ring I liked and I told him I was interested in a wide wedding ring,.  He then took us to a selection of wide wedding rings.  There was one ring that immediately stood out; it was absolutely beautiful and sparkling. It was a white gold band will brilliant princess cut and round diamonds on it.  I immediately fell in love with it but once I saw the price I felt it was a little over our budget.  That being said, I asked if he could get a diamond to put on the setting just to see what it would look like. The ring was breathtaking and Mike even said, “that is you.”  It was absolutely beautiful. We then proceeded to other settings and after looking at several, we finally decided on two rings that we liked. 

After going home and having a couple of days to do some research online regarding wedding sets and diamonds, it seemed that rings were just darn expensive and we were not going to find a better deal anywhere else.  All I could think about was the firs ring that I tried on at Denney’s and decided I wanted to go back and ask some questions.  It thought that maybe with one of the rings that we picked out I could go ahead and find a wedding band to make it look a little wider.  I also wanted to check to see if maybe they could design a new ring that was similar with with not as many diamonds or smaller stones, but still with the width I likes.  I went back two days later to talked with John some more.  I was impressed that we remembered me from a few days prior.  I told him I wanted to look at the rings that Mike and I had picked out again.  I asked him if I could see the white gold wide band wedding ring one more time because it was so beautiful.

John walked me over to the display case and pulled out the ring, but it was yellow gold.  I told him I could not believe it was yellow gold and that I really must have gotten caught up in all the emotion of picking out rings that I did not realize I had tried on a yellow gold one instead of a white gold.  He told me the white gold had sold the day before, but he could get a new one if need be. Unbeknownst to me, Mike had gone back the very next day to buy the ring, which is why John didn’t have one to show me! I managed to put five different ring combinations together to try and come up with a good price, but try to match what I really wanted (the first ring I had tried on.)

About a week later, Mike and I decided to meet at my house for dinner after some errands.  Just as I was getting ready to call him and let him know I was heading home, he called to tell me his car had broken down on Wabash. He had manged to get into the Ace Hardware parking lot and called a tow truck, but it wouldn’t be there for an hour.  He thought he would walk across the street to the Barrel Head.  He asked me to meet him there; we could have a drink while we were waiting for the tow truck. I said no worries as I was heading that way.

As soon as I walked into the Barrel Head, it hit me that this where Mike and I first met two years ago, kind of a blind date, if you will.  I walked up to him so excited to remember this and reminded him that this was where we first met! He said, “Really?  Oh yeah, that’s right.”


The bartender asked me what I would like to drink and I told her a beer, I then turned to talk to Mike and he had the wedding ring in his hand and he asked me to marry him! Not only was it a surprise to see he had a wedding ring , but that it was THE  ring I had wanted all along.  I was so shocked!  I turned to look at the bartender and there was a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice and two glasses on the bar in front of us.  I absolutely could not believe it!  His car had not really broken down, and he had planned this whole evening at the place we first met.  Mike told me that he had gone back to Denney Jewelers the VERY NEXT DAY and bought the wedding ring I wanted so badly but didn’t think we could get. He is awesome and I am so lucky to have such a thoughtful and romantic man in my life.

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