5 years ago, my fiance Jenn and I stepped on the campus of Lincoln Christian University in Lincoln, IL.  We knew of each other and were friends by association but we never really talked much or took the time to get to know each other.  I always knew her as a big-hearted sweetheart and she always knew me as a very gentle and compassionate person.

The extent of our relationship consisted of me making fun of her for being a Cardinals fan and her making fun of me for being a Cubs fan.  We always talked about hanging out more often but we never actually did.

We continued to remain friends by association for the next 4 years.  During that time, we both went through very tough relationships that left us broken, bruised, and relatively hopeless for the future.  However, on May 27th 2010, that all changed.  A facebook status update from Jenn and a simple comment added by myself started a whirlwind of happiness and excitement that neither one of us saw coming.

Fast forward 11 months to April 26th 2011, the night of the proposal.  Jenn has absolutely no idea that I have bought a ring let alone been in cohorts with her parents for the past month.  I chose to do the  proposal at Jenn’s parents house because she is very close to her family.  Jenn enters through the garage door and is greeted by tea light candles and rose petals.

The candles and rose petals guide her to the first of four stations that have been set up.  The first station consists of a single pink rose (her favorite), rose petals, tea light candles and a card.  The card has a print-out of the facebook conversation that started our relationship.  Then, there are more rose petals and candles lighting a path for her to the second station.  The second station consists of the same elements except this card has the date August 15th written in it which is when we actually started dating.  Again, more petals and candles leading the way to the third station.  This time, the card says February 12th which is when we celebrated our first valentine’s day together.

Then, she proceeds to the final station.  Here, she is greeted with the rest of the bouquet of flowers along with a card that simply says April 26th, 2011 with a Question mark!  She then follows the path of candles and petals into the next room where I greet her on my knee and ask her to marry me.  And she said yes!!

Jenn and I are as happy as could be and we are extremely excited to see what God has in store for our relationship!

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Last updated February 5, 2017