Keith wasn’t much for the big days like Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries, but Peggy loved special occasions and always managed to drop hints and reminders a week or two before so that Keith wouldn’t forget.

At least Keith could always be counted on to make reservations at their favorite restaurant, and this year for their anniversary was no different. As they finished dressing for their evening out, Peggy handed Keith a box and said “Honey, I think I finally found you the perfect gift.”

Keith sheepishly unwrapped the box and opened it to reveal the neatest multi-function watch he had ever seen. Not only did it tell the time but it also gave the temperature, altitude, barometric pressure, had a directional compass, and had an alarm that could be set for everything imaginable.

Putting the watch on, Keith looked at Peggy and stammered, “Peg, honey, I um . . . “

“I know honey” she said, “it’s all right. I know you love me. Let’s go to dinner.”

After enjoying a superb meal, Keith ordered a bottle of champagne to celebrate their tenth anniversary. Just as they were being served the champagne, a wandering magician who had been working the tables throughout the restaurant appeared at their table and asked, “Would you like to see a great feat of magic?” to which they both answered “Yes”.

With that, the magician picked up the champagne bottle and holding it three feet above the glasses proceeded to fill each glass without a single drop hitting the table. Then he said, “before you drink, might I borrow that ring you have on your finger sir?” gesturing to Keith’s wedding band.

But when he tried to remove the ring, Keith found that it wouldn’t budge. With a disappointed look on his face the magician turned to Peggy and said, “Ma’am, might I have that ring on your finger?” pointing to her diamond wedding ring.

Somewhat reluctantly Peggy took the ring off and handed it to him. Withdrawing a silk scarf from his pocket, the magician placed it over the ring in his hand and asked her if she would grab two ends of the scarf and gently pull it away from the ring.

Grabbing the scarf, Peggy did as she was instructed and was amazed to see that her ring had completely disappeared. In its place was a small black box. The magician said, “Ma’am, let me ask you a question . . . would you rather have the ring that was on your finger or take a chance on whatever’s in this box?”

Peggy responded by saying, “Well, of course, I’d rather have my own ring back.” To which the magician replied, “Certainly. I believe that’s your ring in the bottom of your champagne glass.” She looked and was shocked to see that it was.

“But” the magician said, “as a token of my appreciation for your time, I’d like you to have this box, too” and handed it to her as he backed away from the table to disappear into the next room.

Opening the box Peggy found an emerald cut diamond surrounded by several smaller diamonds. Keith took both of her hands and said “Peg, ten years ago when I asked you to marry me I could only afford a very, very small diamond. I promised you that someday I would get you ‘your’ diamond . . . happy anniversary darling.”

She took the ring from the box, slid it on her finger, and with a brilliant smile thanked Keith for making this a magical anniversary memory that would last a lifetime.


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Last updated February 5, 2017