My boyfriend, Jason, is a mechanic who I met when I was going through a series of car repairs that I was beginning to think were going to drive me into bankruptcy. He kept assuring me that my car was worth repairing and that it would cost me less in the long run than buying a new car. So I just kept following his advice until finally the day arrived that he pronounced my car “as good as new”.

Jason is very shy, but as car repairs threw us together over and over, I began to see that he was a very good, honest person. I liked him more and more but wasn’t sure how to approach him, so I just kept visiting with him and finding out more about him each time I went into his shop.

On the day he announced that he had done everything he could to my car, I felt a little sad, but I still couldn’t bring myself to suggest to Jason that we see each other outside of his work.

I got in my car slowly, battling with my desire to see Jason socially and my fear of rejection. I turned to wave at him standing in the doorway of the shop and sat down in my car — or tried to sit down. I landed on something bulky in the seat and got back up to see what was there.

A teddy bear! Complete with jaunty hat and a colorful scarf around his neck. He was just so cute, and I knew Jason must have put him there. I picked him up and saw that there was an envelope hanging from his scarf so I pulled it off and opened it. I never once turned around to look at Jason. I was too afraid I’d do something completely silly!

Inside the envelope I found a dainty little gold necklace with a simple heart charm. The note that was included read, “Turn around, and I’ll be there. But, if you get into your car and drive away, I’ll have your answer.”

Of course I turned around and found myself practically nose to nose with Jason. He took the necklace from my hand and held it up between us. “Melinda, you’re the nicest girl I’ve met in a long time. I just didn’t know how to ask you out. But I knew I couldn’t let you get away from me. Will you wear this necklace when we go out to dinner together?”

That was the beginning of our relationship. Once Jason became comfortable with me his romantic nature showed itself again and again. But it’s the gold heart hanging on a chain that truly won my heart.


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Last updated February 5, 2017