I’ve been married to Jake for seventeen years now and have been one of those lucky women married to a thoughtful man who always makes Valentine’s Day special. A romantic dinner at our favorite restaurant and a bouquet of gladiolas delivered to me at my office are the standard.

When Valentine’s Day arrived last year with no bouquet of flowers and no mention of dinner, I wasn’t just hurt, I was worried! What was wrong with our marriage? Or with me? Or with Jake? By the end of the day I couldn’t wait to get home and find out what was going on!

I left my office in a rush, pulling on my jacket as I walked out the front door. Head down to search for my car keys, I ran straight into the driver who was waiting to escort me to the limousine idling at the curb. He opened the door and guided me gently toward the outstretched hand of my husband Jake.

He settled me into the seat across from him and handed me a glass of champagne. A scrumptious array of hors d’ oeuvres sat on a candlelit counter to the side of us, and my bouquet of gladiolas served as decoration.

For a change I was speechless as Jake took my hand in his and held it in his warm embrace. “Honey, I thought after 17 years of celebrating Valentine’s Day in exactly the same way it was time for a change. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I have just one other addition and then we’ll enjoy our hors d’ oeuvres and champagne on the way to dinner.”

At that he reached down to the seat beside him and retrieved a red velvet jewelry case. Opening it very slowly, he revealed a necklace of diamonds that sparkled in the candlelight like a sky full of glittering stars. It literally took my breath away!

As Jake leaned over and fastened the necklace around my neck and touched his lips to mine, he whispered, “I love you honey. Happy Valentine’s Day.”


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Last updated February 5, 2017