Frank’s mother had always treated him with a great deal of love and attention. She faithfully attended all of his school events, never missed one of his baseball games, fixed him three healthy meals a day, and always emptied his pockets before putting his laundry into the washing machine.

Janet, Frank’s wife of ten years, also loved to attend his “over-40” softball games and prepared sumptuous meals for him, but she put her foot down at emptying his pockets when doing the laundry — she had told him repeatedly that he was a grown man and could be responsible for that himself.

But after years of nagging she finally gave up. Now it was just another chore. Saturday afternoon was laundry day, and as usual she shook her head in exasperation as she lifted Frank’s trousers from the floor and felt the weight of the usual odds & ends he had the habit of collecting. But she was in a forgiving mood today. After all, it was their anniversary, and she knew he would take her out for a lovely celebration tonight.

“That man”, she muttered, as she reached into his pants pocket to remove who knew what. This time, however, the offending item was not so much offending as intriguing . . . a long, narrow package wrapped in gold foil and topped with a mass of golden ribbons . . . almost too pretty to open.

Attached to the package was a note that read, “Honey, there have been two wonderful women in my life; I’m thankful that you’re one of them. Thanks for taking such good care of me. I love you very much. Happy anniversary. Frank”.

Anne turned and beamed with pleasure at Frank who was leaning in the laundry room doorway waiting for her to open her package. Inside was the most exquisite gold necklace Anne had ever seen. As she walked over to give Frank a thank you kiss, she said, “Honey, I love you too, and I think I can even put up with emptying your pants pockets for another hundred years or so.”

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Last updated February 5, 2017