For my 30th birthday present, I asked Chris to guest lecture to the freshman chemistry class I was teaching at Eureka College.  He agreed to speak about his undergraduate research in bioremediation.  The focus of his presentation was a pollutant that is particularly persistent in the environment because of its very stable chemical structure, which conveniently is in the shape of a ring.

I was enjoying listening, instead of lecturing, and the students were very interested in the subject also!  Unexpectedly, Chris asked me to help him demonstrate a point to the class.  I was slightly confused by this sudden invitation, as he had not told me that I would be a part of the presentation in any way.  I went to the front of the classroom, confused but unsuspecting.

Again, Chris emphasized that the pollutant is stable because of its carbon ring structure.  He extended one hand toward me, turned to the class, and said, “So, if Dr. Jones and I wanted to form a very strong, permanent bond, we would need some carbon, and a ring.”  (For those who are not science nerds, a diamond is made from carbon that has been exposed to intense pressure and heat.)

At that moment, he produced a diamond ring, got down on one knee, turned back to me, and said, “Dr. Jones, will you marry me?”

The class, shocked, was silent as I said yes, and then erupted in giggles and applause.  It was the perfect proposal, from one nerd to another.

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Last updated February 5, 2017