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A few weeks ago, my boyfriend, Brian, and I had one of those serious talks about where we see ourselves in five or ten years. We both agreed that it would be married to each other and starting a family.

Last Monday, I rushed out the door on my way to work, spotting a note taped to the door, but I didn’t take it. Brian emailed me later that morning and told me I’d forgot it. He came in to work and had lunch with me, before he left he handed me the note, kissed me, and rushed out the doors. As I returned to my work area I examined the note. “Task 1” it said on the outside. As I opened it I saw an envelope clipped to the inside. It read “Take this envelope to John at 2901 W. Wabash Ave. Deliver by 8pm for best results.”

I quickly searched the address, finding it was Denney Jewelers. I was so very excited that I told all my coworkers and couldn’t wait for the rest of the day to head over and find out what was waiting.

I arrived at Denney Jewelers and found that I was to have my left ring finger sized. It was obvious what that  meant.

On Tuesday I made sure I grabbed “Task 2” before I left for work. “Don’t make plans for Friday, you have a date.”

On Wednesday, “Task 3” said to “Pick out something nice to wear.”

Thursday was more descriptive. “Task 4” said to “Get dressed and ready before 5. Then leave the house and go somewhere else until exactly 8pm.”

Friday, I went over to my friend’s house and got all dressed up. I was so giddy, I knew that that night was going to be a night I would never forget.

As I arrived back at our home I saw the outside lights on and the house dark. I stepped up to the front door and it opened. Brian stood in the doorway, a grand smile on his face. He told me to close my eyes, and guided me inside to the kitchen. When I was allowed to open my eyes I was greeted by candles all around the kitchen, a beautifully set table, tall candle stands lit up the middle of the table, a dozen roses sat next to my favorite chilled wine. Brian pulled my chair out for me and he served me a chilled bowl of Caesar salad. The main course was the rib eye steak and baked potato, that he cooked outside on the grill shortly before I got home (it had started raining while he was grilling them!).

Dinner was delicious. As I lifted my napkin from my lap and announced that I was full, he pushed his own plate aside and produced a small black bag. “Now for desert,” he said. He pulled out the small wooden box and leaned across the corner of the table to me. “Maimi, will you marry me?”

As I said yes, he opened the box and took my breath away with the beauty of the engagement ring that he had chosen.

Brian has been nothing but loving and romantic from the time that I met him. I am such a lucky woman to have such a wonderful man. I will cherish every moment we share together and I will never grow tired of looking at my ring and remembering the night he proposed to me.

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Congratulations to Shelly and Johnny, our Most Romantic Couple ~ July who were just married in Ponce Inlet, Florida.  She is also wearing her beautiful diamond earrings Johnny recently selected for her before the wedding.  Wishing them many happy moments together!

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